Chris Hero Gets WWE Name, Bad News For Evan Bourne, Sheamus Films Kmart Commercial

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- Former Ring of Honor star Chris Hero is working as Kassius Ohno in WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory. You can view his biography at this link.

- Evan Bourne has been removed from the WWE Raw Supershow opener which doesn't bode well for his future in the company. I reported here on Premium on January 23rd that the talk then was Bourne was likely to be a member of the yearly cuts. He will be available to return from his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy on March 18, 2012.

- Sheamus recently filmed a new WWE-themed Kmart commercial in Los Angeles.

  • Mike

    Sonny's brother/cousin/nephew/best friend's former roommate?
    Oh, that was spelled differently…

    What a strange name.

    • Hazmatt23

      Mike FTW! Love it when I’m not the only nostalgic one.

  • H.M.

    Really sucks about Bourne…I loved watching him in the ring and I can only hope he SOMEHOW manages to regain the faith of the WWE higher ups back as well as fix up whatever personal problems he may have. That's really all I can say. As a fan, it'd pain me to see him go.

  • Thomas M.

    Funny how his name is "Ohno" because that was my reaction to the headline.

    • Andrew

      I see what you did there.

  • MsMojoRisin

    lizzy valentine is suppose to be in the commercial with the great white

  • Bertie

    Evan is a dick just like Jeff hardy is a dick! So much talent in a great position and what does he do? He throws it away. Loads of wrestlers would give up years of their lives to become a wwe superstar or Tna wrestler and they throw it all away!

  • Sebastian

    Evan Bourne’s case is reminding me of the Jeff Hardy scenario back in 2003, shame really, he’s a talented kid just making some
    bad decisions, obviously.

  • LizzyStyles

    I am a big fan of Evan Bourne. I would be devastated if he got fired but he could go to impact wrestling cuz he is friends or was friends with AJ Styles so he would be able to help in just in case he does get fired. 

  • Andy

    Rasslin is fake

  • Terra Ryzing

    That name is terrible…I wish he would just be called Chris Hero still.

    • Tex

      They should of called him Christopher Pride, instead of that stupid name. Who thinks of those names anyhow ?

  • Chris

    So, Hero is now an Asian?

    • Eddie

      asian?? how does it sound asian to you???

  • sami

    We are all human… sometimes people make mistakes.. Evan Bourne obviously made two mistakes… but so did Jeff Hardy… and hell everyone is loving Jeff even though he has been suspended on countless occassions… I think it would be ashame for the WWE to get rid of a star is is one of the best high flyers in the world today… WWE should give him a third chance… which would be his final one

  • James Rampage

    i see no point in bringing Bourne back…dont get me wrong hes great to watch in the ring but if he cant get his life in line and realize he has a spot millions upon millions of people want with WWE then he isnt worth it. If he cant get his life in line he is a waste of talent.

  • BigMike

    let Evan "Air" Bourne go back to being Matt Sydal and go to TNA and be in Ultimate X matches with AA and AJ that would be it right there …. a few years back I saw awesome matches with Sydal and he was fighting Teddy Hart and Jack Evans

  • bettysteve

    jeff on the way down, evan on the way up, jeff forgiven and on the way up, evan in the poo and on the way down, *shrug* the world and its "double standards" annoys me even more than peeps trying to tell me wrestling is fake does. LOL

  • PikaPal4ever

    Evan Bourne was a solid high flyer, but he doesn't deserve a third chance. Even TNA shouldn't take him back at this point.

  • Jim

    Kassius Ohno? Are you kidding me? Where the heck does WWE come up with this crap? Its like they have one of those “Jedi name creators” where you enter your name and it gives you your Jedi name. But WWE has one for coming up with ridiculous names for wrestlers. It’s a shame that the McMahons are so greedy that a wrestler can’t use their real name, or the name that they’ve created and are already known by. God forbid their employees be allowed to have a copyright on their own wrestling name so they are the ones making all the money off of it instead of the company. What drives me crazy about that is how they stole the “Dudley” family name off of Bu-bah Ray Dudley and his brother D-von. Names they created and used for years before they even worked for WWE. So I really don’t get how they got away with that. When other workers, like Christian, RVD, and Rhyno, got to continue using their names after they left the company. Makes no sense to me and is really shady business IMO.

  • george October 31, 2011 at 1:57 pm hi i am from recege and i want to ask if you now if wwe wil go to recege the videos are very nice !! ;p