Chris Jericho Blasts Kevin Nash For His Controversial Comments; Nash Fires Back

Kevin Nash's recent controversial comments have drawn criticism not only from fans, but WWE talent such as Chris Jericho:

It should be noted that Nash has called social media "his PS3" in the past.

  • Wwe4L76

    Haha! Go Jericho!

  • CrankyVince

    Nash is expressing an opinion that people will see as him looking for a way to remain relevant or just joking. Anyone who thinks only big guys can win in fights needs to pull their head out of their ass. Nash is just trolling everyone.

  • Noah

    Y2J FTW

  • Matt

    Funny how Nash desperately tries to appear sophisticated, but then pulls his usual brain-draining àla "They are too small to be champs". Carrying around an unloaded gun to impress the reporter is just the icing on the cake 😀

  • smithmiester

    I’m with Jericho on this one. Plus Jericho has far better come backs then Nash.

  • SRP

    Nash is never going to live down that quad thing.

  • cda


  • airplaneowl

    Haha! Last comment by Jericho, now that is funny!

  • Chris H

    What a pathetic troll Nash is.

    So he can make shitty comments, and it's him having fun.
    But anyone else making shitty comments is not THEM having fun, but instead being a "mark"? Sure, that makes sense.

  • CJ

    These are meant to be professionals, and a role model to their fans! For god sake grow up!!!!

    • Terry

      If a circus freak is a kids role model then some parent has not don’t their job .

      • Austin

        Don’t you have a bridge to be under?

  • Rey Mastrio

    Absolutely on Jericho's side. Nash is an idiot. He just wants to come back and be in more "classic" wrestling moments, like getting poked in the chest and laying down for someone.

  • TheAwesome1


  • SDD619

    I liked the quad call

  • _JIM_

    All I think Nash was saying is that when Benoit and Guerrero won both Heavyweight Championships at the same time it changed what a pro-wrestler had to look like. They all didn’t have to be giants anymore. Which changed peoples perception of them. No longer could just a random person see a wrestler of that size out somewhere and know he was a pro-athlete of some sort just from looking at him. Guys like Eddie and Benoit were in great shape but they really wouldn’t stand out in a crowd the way guys like Nash and even Hogan would. Which I agree with, but I don’t see it as a bad thing like it sounds as though Nash seems to think it is.

  • Voice of Wrestling

    Nash Shut the hell up

  • Jitters84

    Nash only made it because of his size.. His wrestling sucked…

  • Jaycee

    It's easy for him to say all this because Benoit and Guerrero can't come back and put his irrelevant ass in his place. Yeah it's his opinion, but it's my opinion that Nash is an a-hole for saying that stuff.

  • tyrdea

    The thing about all this is when Guerrero & Benoit won the titles, it was about two things – perception & tribute. First with Eddie. VKM decided it was time to reward Guerrero for all his hardword, determination, & coming back from the personal demons that had been haunting his career & personal life for so long. Second with Benoit. In case many don't know or remember, Benoit defeated Sid Vicious at WWE "Sin" (though in controversial fashion that was to start a title storyline between the two), but Benoit refused the title & left for WWE with Guerrero, Saturn, & Malenko. Upon coming to WWE, it was already determined that he would become WWE Champion.

  • tyrdea

    Perception – The underlying factor was that no small man could be champion, that they had to be big for it to be believable. Then, someone remembered Ric Flair's NWA title runs, HBK & Bret Hart, when Jerry Lawler or Curt Henning were AWA World Champions. Steve Austin wasn't "big", The Rock is not a "giant". It got noticed that smaller, more athletic & charismatic wrestlers could win the big titles, like Benoit, like Guerrero, like RVD, like Edge, & so on. The business didn't die in those years, it renovated itself to get ready for the lack of big men in the sport. Other than the Big Show, Taker, Kane, Lesnar, HHH, how many big men are there really left in the sport? Literally none in TNA, only a handful in WWE..

    • christopher525

      He's not talking about the fact that they aren't massive, it's more about them not being up around the 6 to 7 foot area. Austin is 6'1" but weighed in at about 240 or so during his big run, The Rock is 6'5" and weighed in at about 260-275 while on top. HBK was never overly big, but he's still 6'1" and he did pack on some muscle when he moved up to being the top guy. Benoit, Mysterio, Guerrero, they're all right about 5 and half feet tall. To an extent, I do agree with him that shorter guys as the top guy can be absurd, but at least in the case of Guerrero and Benoit they were at least massive in muscle stature, although it was most likely aided by medication. On the other hand, I do agree with Jericho, and the fact that he is one of those "smaller" guys who became a champ, but was one hell of a worker. Jericho is this generations HBK. Look at it this way, if you saw Mysterio, Guerrero, or Benoit walking the streets vs. seeing Undertaker or Nash, who would you think of as a pro wrestler and even the top guy in that business?

      • This is almost exactly what I was going to say, especially about the fact that Michaels was 6 foot and 1inch, which is a whole lot taller than Benoit and Guerrero who were 5 foot and 8 inches or 5 foot and 9 inches at the very most. Michaels was tall enough to never been considered for WWF/WCW’s lightweight division or cruiser weight division so people need to stop using him as an example. What Kevin Nash said is pretty much on point, he just should’ve made the comment in a less offensive manner.

  • max

    Wrestling couldn't have died in 2004 at Wm Xx. That is ignorant to say as a quote. Unquote legend. And if wrestling did die in 2004 then why did you come back in 2011. Because like in 95 when you were on top the ratings couldn't have possibly been lower after 2004 then they were in your time
    Y2j 4 life

  • PhilT81

    Who does Nash want wearing the straps? Tensai and Khali?

  • CrankyVince

    Nash is without a doubt wrong and got owned in this argument. The quad thing will never go away for the guy. Haha…

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Imagine Jericho beat up Nash just like how he beat Goldberg back in 97-98.

  • stoney

    Big Kevin better call the fire department because he just got burned

  • stoney

    Benoit and Eddie were champions because of passion, hardwork, and determination. Nash was a world champion due to being the WCW Booker and sucking up to the higher ups.
    Jericho was friends with both Benoit and Eddie

  • TheSeizureComic

    Don't forget, Jericho was close friends with Eddie and Benoit, and has a great personal respect for Punk and Bryan. he was sticking up for his peeps, and I Don't blame him one bit.

  • scott seefong

    i know jericho supposedly was leaving the wwe again (agin), but the last twitter war by jericho with cm punk lead to a matchup between the two. dolph withstanding.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Benoit and Guerrero are among the best performers in wrestling history. I don’t understand how he could say that the business died when they became champions. When Bret hart became champion the game changed for the better before that only a big man like hogan could be champion. Thank God Rey mysterios hard work and dedication made him world champion because he earned it and deserved it. The game has changed for the better, thank GOD for amazing wrestlers like cm punk and Daniel Bryan, I’m still begging for an Iron Man match between those two wrestlers I no they can pull it off. A bigger man can still be champion at anytime just look at Brock lesnar he dominated, but time has showed that the game has changed size only means so much, hard work and determination can take you a long way in the wwe.

  • Ryder

    lol Jericho owned Nash with the last tweet

  • Kevin

    Chris Jericho could easily take Kevin Nash in a real fight: all he'd have to do is walk circles around him. Nash is so old and broken that he couldn't keep up with a child, much less a grown man. Get over yourself, Nash. You're through; you haven't been relevent since the 90's, and you weren't that relevent then.