Chris Jericho Calls The Shield A Wannabe NWO, Trades Jabs With Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho went back and forth on Twitter. Jericho told Rollins to "learn how to cut a decent promo" and Rollins took a jab at Jericho's music career. Jericho concluded by saying, "Wannabe rock star… debatable. Actual 6 time WORLD Champion..undeniable. Wannabe NWO…@TheShieldWWE"

You can see the entire exchange below:

[information]Chris Jericho & Seth Rollins[/information]

  • Comparing the nWo to the shield is absurd, which leads me to believe its a work.

    • Bryan

      How is it absurd? The NWO attacked random victims as a pack every single week, just like the Shield.

  • Mark

    Jeri-troll strikes again!

  • Jman72485

    Maybe Jericho’s coming back to feud against the shield *fingers crossed*

    • Anand

      That would be an awesome Feud… Y2J belongs in the WWE Ring…

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Future great fued for WWE: Rollins @ The Shield vs Chris Jericho. Hands down

  • elstitchio

    Wm 29? The shield vs Jericho and 2 others?

    • Pluto

      That would be nice. The Shield vs Jericho/Miz/Christain would be great.

  • Ricky Valdez

    If the shield is trying to be like the NWO it’s not even close.

  • Kleck

    Here’s Jericho’s comeback feud.

  • dustinferrare

    Mongoose McCatchphrase…. hilarious!

  • Isaac

    If Jericho does come back for a Wrestlemania run, this could potentially have planted the seeds for a good feud with the shield

    • christopher525

      Maybe we get Rollins Vs. Jericho with the other 2 either becoming a tag team or getting their own singles feuds as well. Could be interesting.

  • Repperton

    Looks like Jericho found a hole in his busy schedule to come back and put The Shield over. Jericho still rules. Now if only Serious Jericho could be a face without having to be a goofy goodie goodie. It's a fine line that Jericho could easily walk.

  • christopher525

    Somebody might have that short term deal in the works that we'd heard about…

  • Eddie Edwards

    It's a definite work. Remember when they he was still in ROH they had words on twitter then too

  • s_shackleton


  • Christopher K.

    Seth Rollins Sucks and Jericho is half right…The Shield are Nexus Wannabees…none of them are even in the league to be considered one of the NWO..there more Nexus speed and will be out of WWE just as fast because they suck.Raw will be always be RAW Is Jericho and My Name is Chris,& I'm a Jerichoholic!!!

    • Bryan

      You must be joking. Dean Ambrose, on his own, has so much more wrestling talent than everyone in the NWO combined.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      No, The Shield are not Nexus wannabees. And they will never, ever will be in the same league with the nWo because The Shield are in the league of their own. Just give them some time to develop themselves and we'll see whether they are The Nexus, or the nWo, or just The Shield.

  • snuggle

    I agree with Jericho that the shield is a wanna be nwo. Look at facts they attack from the crowd, they attack people back stage. They cut promos from remote locations. They’ve started out with just three members. I see why Jericho called them the fake nwo that’s just how they came into wcw only difference is that the nwo started with guys that were already stars and the shield are independent guys I’d call them a fake nwo/nexus.

    • Nick B

      Yea they beat people up. So did legacy, nexus, and evolution. That doesn’t make them “wannabes” in my opinion. They’re just heels.

      • Nicki

        Learn wrestling before u open ur mouth dude.

      • snuggle

        Evolution only beat people up that they had beef with the were a fake horseman. Legacy only attacked wrestlers that Orton was feuding with evolution rip off. Nexus did what the nwo did only without the remote interviews. Dx even admitted to be a rip off of the nwo. We could debate this forever but the facts prove that groups like Dx, nexus, and the shield look more like the first few years of the nwo. While evolution and legacy are more like the horseman.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      Did the fans called nWo the fake Horsemen or Freebirds once? Because I think nWo is just a rip-off of The Horsemen with black shirts and spray paints.

      • snuggle

        What are you talking about the horseman never randomly attacked people the only attacked who they were feuding with. The horseman wore suits and cared about bling, nwo were laid back and carefree. They were nothing like the horseman go back and learn the history of the horseman, then the history of the nwo before you make this kind of statement.

  • Mike

    The shield being payed off by Jericho? #Swerve

  • SC89

    Total work but to me it seems like Jericho is attempting to stay relevant

  • Evon Reese

    Maybe Jericho really just doesn't like them

  • nWo 4 Life

    The Shield fear the NWO!!!

    • Guest

      Right, three healthy active guys are afraid of: a guy who is defeated as soon are you put alcohol near him (though honestly Scott is one of favourites from the old days, and I am aware it is an illness the guy is battling but it doesn't stop it from being true), a guy with shot knees who is likely to injure himself (but still be awesome while doing it) and a guy with a bad back…

  • David F.

    This is soo froot by Y2J!

  • pjm5203

    I’d like to see a little swerve from the shield soon. If I’m booking it I would have them actually attack people they belive are causing injustice whether the person is heel or face. I think that would make it a little more interesting.

  • BigMike7302

    I hope its a work because truly Seth is ok Dean Ambrose is MUCH better on Mic than Seth But neither can compare to Jericho at his best they are entering a battle of wits against Jericho and Shield is majorly mismatched against Jericho in that department lol

  • Tim

    The shield is the best thing in wwe right now

    • Nicki

      U need a rude awakening dude. The shield is a nwo wanna b group and suck. Fucking idiot

      • Rayner Chee-bai

        No need for name calling here sir. We're here gathered as the one IWC and help improves the wrestling industry better by giving opinions and comments right here on this website. Whether you love it, or by God leave it.

    • Carlos Santiago

      I agree with Jericho, these guys have no mic skills, can’t cut a promo worth crap. If the WWE think these guys are gonna get the NWO hype going with these 3 assclowns, then creative is more stupid than I thought.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Jericho just sees the Shield act like the NWO….their method of attack is like what the NWO did…… the difference is Hogan , Hall and Nash were already main event Wrestlers….before the NWO . with Shield two out of the 3 members are good and proven themselves before coming to WWE. ( Ambrose and Rollins ) the jury is still out on the 3rd member.

  • LongTallTex

    More like Aces and Eights wannabe's without the masks. That threat from the inside is supposed to make us believe that the prime organization is under attack and creates additional storylines.

  • elstitchio

    I did like mongoose mccatchphrase that made me laugh

  • Chris Jericho is better