Chris Jericho Claims He's "Done" Following 30-Day Suspension From WWE

Chris Jericho is in the news this morning after the following Tweet posted on his account:

Jericho has been in rare form, heeling Twitter followers that have inquired about his status and entertaining like only he can.

The former WWE Undisputed Champion was suspended for 30 days after desecrating the Brazilian flag at last Thursday's WWE Raw live event in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

For more from Jericho, go to his Twitter account at this link.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well Thats Bad… Losing a Good Talent For desecrating the Brazilian flag now thats just messed up.

    • Tristeza

      This is most defiantly Jericho being Jericho. This is his passion, it shines through in how he performs and his books. He wouldn't walk away because of this. Jericho has mostly been in character in his tweets. Remember up to Wrestlemania where he was counter-tweeting all of CM Punks social tweets with "While you're reading comics i'm training hard, see you in x days" ?. Jericho is a master of the promo wherever he plays one.

      • Tigre

        Or Jericho is just annoyed and figures of he plays hard to get he could very well be offered more money to stay

  • Daarko

    I don’t believe a word of his..

  • Logan_Walker

    He is Playing Everyone, what is it June 25 is when or around when his 30 days is up and he has got promotional tours all over the next month

  • nandy05

    So why WWE never suspended Iron Sheik for direspect USA Flag ? Now WWE is trying to be etical just because mrs Linda McMahon is again running for a senate seat. That’s B/S

  • Topherrulez

    Really…. Didn’t Sarg. Slaughter burn an American flag to get heat once, when that was to much he just threw it domn and stomped on it. This is such a work!

    • dddd

      yes slaughter did…in 1991….In which they had to relocate his mania match because they feared the worst, because of this incident.

  • Karl

    Jericho is horrible at selling a work. xD

  • The Breaker

    His suspension isn't a work, but his comments are classic Jeri-trolling.

  • Steveuk007

    I have never…EVER ‘got’ Chris Jerchico.

    Please, feel free to use that to sound as awesome as me.

  • Anon

    Don't worry. Jaime Lannister will be back ^^

  • Button

    Y2J > Cena