Chris Jericho Finished With WWE; Details On How They Wrote Him Off TV

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Dolph Ziggler beat Chris Jericho on this week's episode of WWE Raw, "terminating" Jericho's WWE contract.

As the storyline goes, AJ Lee made the SummerSlam rematch in that if Ziggler won, Jericho's WWE contract was terminated. If Jericho won, he got Ziggler's Money in the Bank title shot.

In reality, Jericho is being written off television as he is leaving the company to tour with his band Fozzy.

  • Drbobkelso

    Why couldn’t this have been done at the PPV?

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    • Gary

      Giving Jericho a moment of glory b/c he came back to basically job for everyone. He deserved a win on a big stage for all that work and then they gave the push to Ziggler the next night with a clean victory.

    • David

      They were trying pull one over on the IWC.

  • Bault16

    Totally makes up for Dolph losing at Summerslam. Everyone that jumped to conclusions is now put in their place.

  • Thisguy

    Yeah…that outcome was totally obvious

  • Benjs

    Can’t wait to see fozzy at uproar in virginia on September 2nd
    Their amazing and y2j is in best shape ever

  • Evon Reese

    I'm going to miss Jericho

  • Diego

    is he going to come back? or is he going definitely?

  • David F

    Y2J will be back. I now consider him a part-timer like HBK and Taker. He has earned the right to work a lighter schedule. Y2J is the best at everything he does.

    • Gary

      Y2J isn't remotely the same as HBK. HBK is retired.

      • David F

        I meant back in HBK's last run when he would take time off after Wrestlemania. Plus Y2J's ring work is just as good as HBK. Y2J held his own in their Mania match

  • Patrick Peralta

    When Jericho comes back I hope the first thing he does is Give Cole..the Code Braker after he apologises for all the things Cole said about Jericho.

    • Ellen

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Terra Ryzing


  • Chapinb0yy

    Seems right.

  • James

    I believe Chris Jericho should join TNA Impact Wrestling just like Jeff Hardy did.