Chris Jericho Finishes Up With WWE, Already Questions His Future

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Chris Jericho finished up his latest WWE run on this week's episode of WWE Smackdown. Following an Intercontinental Championship bout with Curtis Axel, Jericho was hit with a meat hook and Shell Shock by Ryback. Prior to the show's first run airing in the United States, Jericho Tweeted the following:

Jericho is already doing what he does best in keeping fans guessing about his future. The former Undisputed Champion Tweeted the following Instagram photo of him cutting his first promo of his career in the summer of 1991. He questions if the summer of 2013 will be hist last:


As previously reported here at, Jericho isn't scheduled for SummerSlam, Night of Champions or Over the Limit as he'll be touring with his band Fozzy.

  • Kris Mystery

    Don’t particularly care anymore if it’s his last or not. I like the guy but we know he is going to be around for a little while and gone for a little while…over and over. He has come back so often that it’s losing it’s excitement. Don’t get me wrong… i like that he comes back but he is gone so much i won’t miss him that much when he is gone for good.

    • Xavier

      Agreed. When he came back in late 2011 I had a really hard time getting excited. He’s had a great career but this last run was a epic fail.

      • Scott

        Epic fail? For giving CM punk his only ‘real’ feud during that long titlerun? For putting young talent over unselfishly? For having a great comeback match with RVD the likes RAW didn’t have in years? Yeah…

        • Xavier

          Yup, epic fail. Punk/Jericho wasn’t that good. it was to guys on the mic yelling “I’m The best In The World”. at each other in every promo, that’s not so groundbreaking. Punk’s beat feud during his long title reign was against either Cena or Bryan. Cena/Punk at NOC 2012 blows anything Punk/Jericho did together. Punk/Bryan at MITB 2012 also blows anything out of the water that Punk/Jerichp were able to come up with. O h and give me Cena/Punk’s match on RAW over this past RVD/Y2J match everyday of the week. Is Jericho jobbing out to everyone on the roster a great success to you? Younger talent going over Jericho lost it’s luster long before he came back in late 2011. He lost so much during this past run that he became an afterthought. You really think Fandango or Ryback are in a better position now then they were before they feuded with Jericho. The crowd at the RAW after Mania did more to put over Fandango then Jericho did. And what comeback are you talking about? RVD never stopped wrestling so how could that be considered a comeback? So yeah, I’ll stick with epic fail for 300 Scotty.

          • Grizzly Bear

            This run was great, you just hate wrestling.

          • Xavier

            His run was horrible. You just love watching past their prime wrestlers struggle to stay relevant.

          • Wilo

            hey man, u must really hate wrestling so much. stop watching it. and if u stop watching it, then stop complaining and criticizing it

          • Xavier

            When did I ever say I hated wrestling? What exactly was I complaining about? Jericho is clearly past his prime as a performer, it was pretty obvious. Sorry I don’t subscribe to your IWC rule book, didn’t mean to offend you.

          • KrisXX

            ahahahahahaahahaahaha. gettin all stewed up over comments from a wrestling site! LOL!!!!!

          • Xavier

            I guess people on here want me to worship the ground Jericho walks on, look at your boy Matt about to pop a blood vessel.

          • Matt

            Oh shut up!!! You are actually stupid! YOU’RE ON THE INTERNET! YOU’RE PART OF THE IWC! Would someone please ban this idiot. He know’s nothing. He’s adamant Orton is the best in the world. Yea, not a chance. All you do is bitch on Punk and cry whenever the “IWC”, which you’re in, gets “their way”. Shut up. Grow up. Get lost.

          • Xavier

            Oh look it’s the tough guy behind the keyboard again. Lol it’s funny how your trying to tell me how to grow up and your the one over here name calling like a little 9 year old diva. You’ve been commenting on my post for a while. Your clearly a groupie, sorry kid I don’t do autographs though.

  • brandon

    Punk Vs jericho extreme rules 2012 nuff said

  • Tom Lee

    Punk, Jericho had passed their great time in this business…

  • Kris Mystery

    When he first came back..this time around.. i was a little put off by how much he used his “rock star voice”. I hate to see him become a jobber to the stars..and say what you want… this is what he has become. This may be what he wants to do but as a huge fan of his over more years than i care to admit it still sucks to watch.