Photo Of Chris Jericho's New Tattoo; Top 10 Good Guys Gone Bad

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Chris Jericho's New Ink

Chris Jericho posted a photo of his latest tattoo to his Instagram account. Click here to check it out.

Good Guys Gone Bad

The latest WWE Top 10 video features the top 10 heel turns. The video is available at this link or embedded below:

After you watch that, please consider taking a few minutes to watch my short comedy film! I'm just hours away from potentially winning a Hollywood screening, but I need a few more views in order to win. Hope you like it!

  • sam

    Hogan in 96 is still tops because it was soo unexpected. Bret’s turn at WM13 should have been there and Slaughter’s should have been much higher given it was at the time of the Gulf much heat he got.

    • Ricky

      Bret’s turn many saw coming, the fans where sick of the hero and more into the anti-hero and loner type. It was hardly a shock when HHH screwed over DB last year. Should have taken that out and put in Crush turning on Savage

  • Avalanchian

    What about Andre the Giant turning on Hogan? It’s kind of old but very important. Since it led to that bodyslam that shook the world so they say.

    • Jack ‘Tristeza’ Hughes

      Did you watch the whole video first? lol. It’s in there.