Chris Jericho Gets Three Staples In His Head After Match With CM Punk In Italy

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Chris Jericho needed three staples in the back of his head following his match with WWE Champion CM Punk at the WWE Raw live event in Milan, Italy. The following is from Jericho's Twitter account:

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Punk got his revenge YES YES YES

    • XKonn247

      Stop with this “YES YES YES” crap. People keep bitching its going stagnant and losing its appeal!! Wonder why!! You can’t go anywhere on a wrestling site now without some unoriginal goof typing it

      • Cena Sucks

        YES, YES, YES!!! Am I an unoriginal goof as well? You don’t control what people post Mr IWC Guru. In other words ‘Virgin’.

        If he wants to chant Yes, Yes, Yes he can. Simply because… IT’S FRICKIN’ hilarious!

        • XKonn247

          You’ve impressed me! I’ve never been insulted in such a way. Very clever. :-/. Are you a child? Or just a very idiotic person? And yes, you are a good. Ironic, you name yourself Cena sucks and then just follow the other bullshit WWE feeds you. Well done, hypocrite.

          • Cena Sucks

            Yes, I’m a child. Wha, wha, wha and that other shit. You actually made me laugh, you actually almost insulted me. Almost a good comeback there, almost.

            People like you are hilarious, you think you are better than everyone, and no ones opinion counts. Poor boy..

            I like the bull WWE feed me, if it bothers you that much turn the channel. Watch The Power Rangers if you wanna see a hero win.

            Also, thought I might as well add this now. Fozzy are playing Download Festival in June on the 9th of June in Donnington, England.

  • Best in the World

    I really hope CM Punk wins in Chicago at Extreme Rules. I wish I was going to it because I went to Money In The Bank last year and it was surreal when CM Punk came out and beat Cena. We will be hearing CM Punk chants all PPV long.

    • Code

      CM Punks pop was sooo surreal last year….sooo im guessing there will be"if CM Punk loses we riot"signs in the crowd

  • Voice of Wrestling

    I guess Punk was drunk when he busted Y2J the legend up :L

  • A.J.

    Y2J will be the next wwe champion.

    • AJG316

      You can say that all you want, that won't make it true

  • dektcmpunx

    i hope cm punk vs jericho is the actual main event of that night…i cant totally see a situation where they go one before cena vs lesnar and they get booed out of the building