Chris Jericho - "I Promise You Haven't Seen The Last Of Y2J"

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Chris Jericho, who was written off of TV on this week's Raw, posted the following on his Twitter account:

  • David

    Does this mean when Jericho is done tour he’ll be back been my favorite since 8.9.99

    • Matthew

      Yes from what I heard he is going to tour with his band again and he will back! Most likely later next year!

    • jdl

      It means he'll consider it one day. Remember that when he left last time he was only going to be gone for a few months, which ballooned into a year and a half. Don't expect him back when his Fozzy tour ends, at least not immediately.

      • Guest

        I heard reports that Jericho said that he didn't want leave and he wants to come back very badly. SO I hope he returns sometime before Mania.

    • Canadian wrestling fan

      If 8.9.99 is when he first was your favorite you missed out on some of his best ring/mic work back in wcw and even ecw.way befor he went to the wwf,

      • David

        I was never really able to watch him on WCW due to it being on during raw and I found raw more interesting considering that wcw was full of all these old Wwe stars

  • Matt

    I, as well as above poster, have been a huge Jerichoholic since his ECW days and although out of WWE light, I still follow Jericho. He'll conquer the world once more, tour Fozzy's amazing new CD, and when the time is right, he'll be back. He has our support no matter where/what he does.

  • JasonGaza

    Jericho will pretty much return at Royal Rumble

  • mm

    How long is the tour

  • jdl

    Keep in mind, people, Jericho likes his freedom, don't expect him back right after the Fozzy tour ends. Especially if he's not feeling the need to go back to the WWE.

  • Dan

    Fozzy are playing soundwave in aus in February. Maybe after that?

  • Ken

    In a way I'd rather have Chris Jericho on tour with Fozzy than in the ring. Don't get me wrong, I love Jericho as a talent, but Fozzy are ace, and there's far too much sh*t music around these days. Jericho is needed in Fozzy far more than he's needed in the WWE.

    • Bault16

      Fozzy is pretty garbage brah

  • Fozzy Bear


  • AnacondaVise

    What a crappy send off for Jericho. He didn't even talk and Cole was dissing him the whole time. I know he will be back but I didn't like how it went down. I mean when he was on the ramp they just cut away to their new WWE Studios trailer like it was no big deal.

  • Joe

    WM 29 Chris Jericho vs dolph ziggler for the world heavyweight championship

  • Guest

    If Jericho comes back again, don't be surprised if he leaves again following his "return".