Chris Jericho - "I'm Done With WWE. Deal With It"

The following is from the official Twitter account of Chris Jericho:

  • TNAsucks

    Yeah Right….

    • Van

      it's like believing anything you read on the dirt sheet or when the WWE says they wish the best of luck to their released it's really true

      • Wwe4L76


  • vmagic

    I'm willing to bet he will be back next Monday 2-2-12!

    • Noah

      There is gonna be a big hint tonight in the final promo

  • Barb

    We will see on January 2nd how "done" he is with the WWE.

    • Levi

      I believe that’s a undertaker promo

  • Logan_Walker

    Well We Will Just Have to Wait

  • Vin Sidious

    He won't answer anymore wrestling-related questions but……. he invites you to READ all about them in his next wrestling-related book, your for only $23.95 plus tax. There's a teaser of the first chapter inside the next Fozzy album, just in case anyone needed any extra incentive to buy a Fozzy albumm.

    • Lee

      He won't even answer a question i asked about his band n the new album

  • Logan_Walker

    We Will Just Have to Wait

  • Ruck

    hahahaha Jericho is sooo funny! He thinks he can fool us now. I am sooo convinced he will be on Raw on the second day of 2012 that Im willing to bet my car!.Jericho is awesome but when he ttries to play off like hes done with wwe he comes off really pathetic!

    • Hardy

      I hope for your car he is aha! But I wouldn’t be surprised if he is back on the 2nd

    • @ragelepage

      I know what u mean and the only way I can see this being half true is if he come back under a new name and gimmick

      • Ruck

        Under a different gimmick maybe but under a different name, not likely, specially since he owns the right to his name. If he were to go to TNA he could be Chris Jericho there. Those "prophetess" vignettes screams Chris Jericho!

  • Eggtrocious

    Work, work, work.

    • MIKE


  • Jim

    Nothin like bein a jerk. Though being asked the same question every day would get old real quick. I still think he will be back sooner than later, and all this stuff is just a smoke screen to throw everyone off.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    IF on the off chance he is telling the truth and he will NOT show up on Raw next Monday. then A lot of Fans will be eating Crow next Monday if he is proven correct and that would be funny since everyone who is his fan is convinced he will return next Monday.

    Personally I don't care if he shows up next Monday or not. I'm not a Jericho fan so it means nothing to me.

    • GODSENT83

      Minus the not being a jericho fan I agree. It’s funny everyone assumes he’s working us but there is that possibility he’s not. I mean everything seems to be going good for him so why not continue that? Hope it’s him though

  • Mike

    I hope it’s him next monday, but I’m not sure enough to bet anything on it lol. Seems to me like he’s just throwing that out there to throw people off

  • King

    Wouldn’t be better if he came back at R.R

  • Zach

    I find this pretty funny because he isn’t a jerk like that. I believe he is making it seem like he is trying to trick us but in reality really isn’t coming back. I believe everyone is leaving out a huge possibility for this return though…..Luther Reigns!!!

  • Howard Stern

    Ha ok, and the universe is now finished with you Irvine.

  • Jaryd

    He could easily say he meant he was done with answering WWE questions and for people to deal with it, always leaves himself a get out clause no matter how final he sounds, he's like an evil genius!

  • Aaron

    Regardless it’s a work. If he shows it’s a work. If he doesn’t show it’s a work. Trying to do the best he can to keep the scavengers off his back

  • DeRossi

    That promo isn’t for Chris Jerico. It’s the Undertaker

  • James

    Seems like a legit tweet. I knew the promos were the work of “Mr. America”!

  • scorpio21

    Well we will find out next Monday.

  • EvilKevyn

    I hope he's telling the truth. Watching him botch his moves is old. And he looks really weird with short hair and little wrestling speedos.

  • Silver

    Watch all of those promos be for Brodus Clay.

  • Bertie

    It’s skip Sheffield coming back!! It’s the second coming of skip sheffield!!!!!!!

  • joe


  • Luke

    Those promos are too creepy for Chris Jericho, more like the undertaker

  • Razmos01

    It cant be him, its a 2nd coming not a 3rd, whats makes u think its 1 person, it could be vince mcmahon or shane o, returning with a new nwo, or has anyone thought of Goldberg im just saying coz when the NEXT monday clip hit it said “do you understand now”

  • Sonic667

    I think its likely to be jericho then interupted by taker like the triple h and taker situation last year!! TAKER vs JERICHO @ WM

  • Irish Noel

    If what he is saying is true then wouldn't it lose him a lot of followers on twitter? How many people are actually going to follow him because of that dancing gig or for being in Fozzy? Seems to me that most of his fanbase is through his career in wrestling. If he's not in wrestling anymore, his popularity could wane.

  • The messages are Christian!! Not Chris Jericho

  • Razmos01

    Would be Christians 3rd coming to

  • sean

    this convinces me beyond a doubt that Jericho will return either next monday or the rr because I follow him on twitter is funny and a general nice guy on it it does not seem like him to talk like that