Chris Jericho - "I'm Not Coming Back Anytime Soon Next Year"

Chris Jericho posted the following on Twitter early Friday:

This news comes days after Jericho said he would be open to working a match at WrestleMania XXX.

  • James

    JeriTroll strikes again!

  • brian h

    This is all publicity. He will be at the rumble.

  • MyBrokenKnees

    RR is it then 🙂 Can’t miss out on the big 4 PPV pay check 🙂

  • Nostaljack

    *Workers lie on Twitter.* In fact, workers lie…period. When they say they aren’t coming back, there’s no reason to believe them.

  • Ben

    He won’t be back coming back anytime soon “next year.” That must mean he is coming back on Raw on Monday! In all seriousness, he came back at the RR last year; I doubt he’d want to return the same way this time. Just a hunch though.

  • Venom

    I can believe he won’t come back soon. He did a similar tweet around this time in 2011 and he came back on a raw before the rumble debuting that light up jacket and didn’t speak for weeks just smiling and waving to fans.

    Then last year he came back at the rumble without any hints or tweets which ended up being a surprise.

    I can see him coming back after the rumble in time for wrestlemania or perhaps he might have a similar mentality for wrestlemania 2011 when rock first came back to host and Austin was special guest referee for lawler vs. cole. He felt with both of them on the card there was no point for him to be on the show and would enjoy it at home.

    I could be wrong especially since last wrestlemania he did the opening match against fandango and lost. He knows his role in the business and does what’s fun which I agree with his perspective on this. But then again if I was in his shoes I’d be annoyed that I came back to help put over ziggler and fandango and look where they are now.

  • joe dittmore

    Y2J is so good at hiding when he returns I will wait and see when he comes back.

  • Xavier

    Jericho leaving then coming back lost its luster a long time ago. If Jericho’s next run is anything like the one we for from late 2012/mid 2013 then I’d prefer he stay gone.

  • Rus

    What was his contract deal, I thought it was like DVDs doing 90 day stints (or something like that)

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I don’t think he’ll be back at the Royal Rumble, he’s done that already, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns up at Elimination Chamber (Assuming they have it)

  • Matt

    So that means we’ll see him at the Rumble