Chris Jericho On Why John Cena Shouldn't Turn Heel, Why He's Glad The Brand Extension Is Over, More

Chris Jericho recently participated in a Q&A with IGN and spoke about why he's glad the brand extension is over, his favorite match, when Vince McMahon nixed a potential entrance music change & more. He also spoke on whether he was in favor of a John Cena heel turn in the following excerpt:

No, I think that's the prevailing attitude amongst a lot of Internet fans, but they're not thinking of the big picture - the amount of merchandise Cena sells, which I think is probably 5-to-1 to the closest competitor, and the people that like to chant "Cena sucks," half of them are wearing Cena shirts. And just all the work he's done. He's the most requested Make-A-Wish guy ever, more than anybody else, so those are the type of things you think about more than just having him turn heel. And the funny thing is, if he did turn heel, all of the people that said he sucked would be cheering him anyways, so sometimes Internet fans make me laugh at their immaturity, which is worse than mine - at their lack of knowledge.

The video is available at this link and embedded below:

  • Splat

    “And the funny thing is, if he did turn heel, all of the people that said he sucked would be cheering him anyways.”

    I have been saying this for awhile now and it’s a 100% true. I’m guilty of it as well. I’m not a fan of face Cena but would be fan or heel Cena. That said it’s never going to happen.

  • Vin Sidious

    Chris is 100% right. There is no point in turning Cena into a proper heel anymore because he’s already more hated than most of the actual heels, anyway. If they turn him, he’ll continue to get the same mixed reactions, only the audience segments that are booing and cheering him will flip. BUT, there is still room for his character to evolve.

    • thepowerserge

      I agree 100% with you. I too think it’s beyond stupid to even attempt a heel turn at this point. However, I do share the opinion that it’s not a heel turn Cena needs, but rather, an evolution of his character. He’s gone from squeaky clean noob vs Kurt Angle to street thug until he won the US title to the current Hustle, Loyalty, Respect crap since he won the belt from JBL. It’s been 10 freaking years! When the hell is he going to unleash the “beast” he said he was going to on Sunday? Looked more like he unleashed his inner bitch, since Lesnar owned him all night long.

      • IncoherentRambling

        Dude, you know it wasn’t a real fight, right? Lesnar “owned” him because Cena agreed to it.

        • thepowerserge

          Noooo, I didn’t know it wasn’t a real fight, DUDE! Of course I know that. However, if you read what I said in the beginning rather than trying to bash me, you’d understand that I’m actually in agreement with a lot of older fans in wanting an EVOLUTION of the Cena character instead of a heel turn. Hollywood Hogan, while officially a heel turn, signaled an evolution for the man that was long overdue. In Cena’s case, however, I don’t see what, if anything, he can do to evolve. But I’d like to wonder if he’d even consider giving it a try.

  • Xavier

    I believe at some point between now and the time he retires he will turn heel at some point, when? Well that’s anyone’s guess but I do have a question for all the boo birds who claim to he’s “shoved down our throats” and want him to turn. QUESTION: Lets say Cena does in fact turn heel, who do you think will get all the tv time once that happens? Here’s the answer, it’s Cena, if Vince pulled the trigger on a Cena turn the show would still revolve around Cena and he’d more then likely get a very long title reign out of his intitinal heel turn to establish him as a dominate heel so if you guys think he’s being shoved down your throats now what makes you think that’ll change if/when he finally turns heel?

    • Avalanchian

      So true if Cena were to turn heel he’d have the title back with another long run and over exposure. People would love it for about a month or 2 then realize it’s the same thing just flipped now.

  • Joey

    I Don’t think its all about a heel turn!! We just want some type of Character Progression! Something…Anything!! Thats all i want! John Cena will go down as one of the biggest wrestlers of all time! He will be put with the greats!! He is one away from Ric Flairs 16 time world Champions and we have seen the same old Cena for 10 years now and it has got old! They care about viewership, don’t they think it will spike if he did turn! I believe it would make for really good TV!! I’m just over the whole you cant see me and Hustle Loyalty and Respect and Champ is here BS! Go Back and watch SummerSlam (Only 9.99 lol) The most hated guy in wrestling (you know the one behind the 21-1) coming out of WrestleMania was cheered til the roof came off!!! Im just glad the super cena card wasn’t played! I promise you i was ready to cancel my wwe network if Cena walked away holding the belts!

  • Winnipeg

    Chris Jericho is talking about us. :0

    • Xavier

      Yup, pretty much lol

  • Cory Zepperi

    If Cena turns heel the chants would just switch and the “adults” would chant lets go Cena and the kids would chant Cena sucks so basically would change.

    • BlazeKing

      The “adults” still wouldn’t cheer Cena then. They’ll make up BS reasons all over again.

  • Matt Hansen

    At one time everybody thought that Hogan should/would not turn heel, but he did and had a lot of success doing it.

  • Lebron

    So, if Cena turns heel and people start cheering him, all you’re doing is making him a successful face to the public. So wouldn’t his Make A Wish request stay the same, if not, increase? Let’s use our brains here, Jericho.

    • Xavier

      What makes you think kids will request a heel for Make a Wish? The people who cheer Cena now would boo him and the fans who boo him now would probably cheer him. What Jericho said makes plenty of sense

      • BlazeKing

        It’s what I said all along. People hate on Cena but mark out for Hogan when both of them did pretty much the same thing through their careers.

  • Steve

    Cenas character progressed at summerslam, taking that beating not pulling a super cena and being absent from raw thats signalling a progression a change a vulnerability