Chris Jericho Linked To Cryptic Video On Monday's Raw Supershow

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The preliminary plan for the cryptic "itbegins2012" video that aired on Monday's Raw Supershow is to re-debut Chris Jericho, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.

Jericho has not agreed to a new contract but he and his agent Barry Bloom have been working closely with WWE about a new deal. Jericho's recent Tweets and comments appear to be that of a smoke screen to throw fans off in attempt to make his return a surprise.

January 2, 2012 will be Raw Supershow from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.

It should be noted while this is the preliminary plan, Internet leaks have been known to change such plans. For example, the cryptic video used this year to bring back The Undertaker was almost used for Sting because of Internet speculation. WWE tried to get Sting to appear at Wrestlemania XXVII earlier this year but a deal could not be reached.

  • compaqmac

    Honestly think pretty much everyone thought of Jericho when it was done. Worst kept secret again, yet can't wait to see

  • @RatedMKD

    I'd love to see Jericho return, but I'm not holding my breath. It'd take a lot for him to come back to WWE when Fozzy are picking up this much momentum AND have a new album in the works.

  • Hoops

    while Jericho was the first name that came to mind…Im more excited to see how his "character" is more than WHO it actually is…Hes been pretty good over the years tweaking his persona and taking things to a different level.

  • Chris

    Y2J back to reclaim his 'best in the world' moniker? Punk Jericho would be an epic feud to run all the way to WM

  • Mike L

    I still say its the Undertaker, the video attached to the link is not Jericho style. The video was just to dark, too familiar to be Jericho. Unless its him coming after the Streak, I'm sticking with Taker.

    • RyderNation

      What are talking about the video wasnt dark enough to be Undertaker usually Undertakers promo videos are usually in a desert or at night with a bunch of graves.If anything this is probably for Jericho just listen and look at the words that pop up on the video those words are usually how Jericho talks in his promos.

  • The Breaker

    The tagline "It Begins 2012" is very Jericho-esque. However, the first name that came to my mind was Undertaker, because of the bleak style of the promo.

  • sean atkins

    Im torn between whether or not its jericho or taker. Im not sure if anybody noticed the dissapering ball that came out of nowhere rolled then dissapeared but that dosnt seem very jericho like. But if you look at the date its the Year 2012 on the 2 of January, aka y2j. but either way im excited to see who it is.

  • diddy

    Mark my words it is the return of Beaver Cleavage and MRS Cleavage

  • MonsterMike42

    I'm not saying this will happen but I think would be cool if it happened. The video was kinda dark, but not dark enough to be the Undertaker. As mentioned above, there are some very Jericho-esque elements to it. So what I'm thinking is what if it was a Jericho return video implying he's going after The Streak?

  • Sean Weatherly

    It might HAVE been Jericho, but this article alone could make it Undertaker. We all know how Vince gets. I was actually scared that it was Jericho, and news sites would be all over it, leading it to get changed to the Undertaker.

  • H.M.

    Quick! Someone! Take this article down before Vince gets a hold of it and changes plans!! Remember Christians debut in 2009? Yeah, nuff said.

  • Matt

    "Itbegins2012" could mean one of two things:

    1) The Third Coming of Y2J.


    2) The return of The Undertaker for his last go-round as an active competitor.

  • simbasamba

    I wanted to see Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan for the WHC this Wrestlemania. It makes perfect sense, as Daniel Bryan's (not Bryan Danielson's) first match was a match against Jericho on NXT. It would not only be an excellent match, but it would actually be a passing of the torch. But a guy can only dream.

  • christopher525

    Just thought about it this morning, Undertaker had a return promo once before, cryptic and using children, it was what gave us the American Badass.

  • DanBo7o7

    Jan. 2 LET THE MADNESS BEGIN! Y2J!!!!!

  • meerkaatt

    The video is to dark to be Jericho but not too dark for The Undertaker. My gues is they did it like that for a reason… just like that promo for the Deadman before Wrestlemania this year… it supposed to be for Sting but the vid was made that way so if Sting was not to come, it was to be used for Undertaker. So… if WWE end up not signing back Jericho… well… they could used it for Undertaker's return. I would love to see The Last Outlaw come back… riding a bike… 🙂
    P.S.: Sorry for my english and spelling, it's not my native language.

  • RatedRSuperstar

    The promo is for Jericho but if he does not resign, the backup plan is for the Undertaker.

  • Maxy

    How about sting????
    It begins= I be sting

    • christopher525

      Last I checked Sting is a 50+ year old white man, not a guy from the hood. JTG he is not, therefore this idea is horrible.

  • Elysian King

    1) The main source of the youtube promo was through a cryptic styled "Hacking" of the RAW twitter promotions.
    2) Jericho got his name "Y2J" from "Y2K" when the world was supposed to end in the year 2000; hence the "Save us Y2j" slogan; the world is supposed to end again in 2012. (It will be the end of the world as you know it)
    3) (The end of the world) being in Jericho's titatron coding.
    4) The first two lines of speech "Come my people and shut thy doors about thee; for a power shall come to punish the meek for their enequity" is a verse from the bible; Isiah 26:20 which also talks about "salvation" and the rebuilding of the walls of Jericho.
    5) all of jericho's recent tweets were about how people were stealing his moves and uniquness; the lionsault, the "best in the world" slogan, etc; hence the "Take back what is rightfully his".
    6) Jericho has also denied returns before to throw off the public view.

    In my opinion this has been done to make the fans belive it's an undertaker promo; to add suspense and suprise.

  • Awade

    And nobody thinks this is Kane?!

    • christopher525

      Considering they did a completely blatant Kane video, no, nobody does. Kane is coming back, possibly masked again. Why would you do one completely obvious return video, then do a "hacked" cryptic style, potentially viral video? That'd be like hyping up that a "new" guy would be coming back on Raw one week and not paying off within a month of that date.

    • meerkaatt

      They already made a vignette for him that it clearly point his imminent return, probably as the masked Kane. I don't see the point in making a "guess who" vid for him.

  • Travis

    "The Best in the World" Chris Jericho vs. "The Best in the World" CM Punk!!!!!!! It HAS to be Y2J. I'm SO excited, my favorite wrestler returns.

  • Kevin

    Ok, I admit defeat. I honestly thought it was for Kane. Jericho never even crossed my mind. Don't know what I was thinking. But I think you're right, Richard: the WWE is likely to change it now that the cat's out of the bag.