Chris Jericho Officially Advertised For The Next Two Weeks Of Raw Supershow

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WWE has added Chris Jericho to their official listing of advertised talent on for next week's Raw Supershow from the American Bank Center in Tyler, Texas and the following Monday (1/16) from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

He has yet to be officially added to the house show schedule but he's expected to be added shortly as a member of the Raw roster. I still haven't heard the plan for his first feud although it will be a main event slot.

  • ease9310

    Awesome a legend is going to be back on WWE,and it's going to be even better,because it's on Raw,which a lot more people watch,then just SmackDown.

  • Josh in MN

    Has anyone seen "The Rock" lately?

  • Y2J_BGFan

    I heard that Chris Jericho is back only until Wrestlemania… Is anybody knows is it true and if it's not, how long is his contract? I don't believe that Jericho is with WWE until 'Mania, but…

  • EvilKevyn

    So Jericho is "booked" for two weeks. Does that mean he's gonna show up every once in a while like the Rock or is he a full time wrestler again (at least until this contract runs out)? I mean, the Rock is understandable with actual movies and such but Jericho has been busy with what, his awesome band? His memorable television stints like Dancing with the Stars? Was I the only one disappointed by the worst kept secret ever? I wish it would have been someone like Gillberg or something, ANYTHING else…

  • Patrick V

    ^^ Gillberg really :P. I mean really? Cmon man at least say Rosey Anything but Gillberg he scared me :P.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Isn’t Rosey, Umaga? I don’t think he’s available for a contract signing…

  • Alfonso

    umm next weeks show is in Corpus Christi TX

  • Eric

    Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28?

    • sean

      That would be good. If Jericho ended the streak it would be perfect as he is also in the twilight uears of his career. If some young gun did it they would appear invincible for the rest of their career.