Chris Jericho Peeved Over Triple H's Raw Promo

It appears that Triple H's in-character heel promo that he cut on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw struck a chord with Chris Jericho.

For those that missed it, Hunter told Daniel Bryan that he's seen guys like him come and go a million times. He said guys like Jericho, Edge and Rob Van Dam were all very talented popular top guys but were never the  face of WWE back in the day. Hunter said nobody wants to say this but if any of those guys would have been the face of WWE back in the day, they'd all be working for Ted Turner right now.

Jericho Tweeted the following in response:

He also posted the following, which has now been deleted:

"Time to move on guys. Bye bye @wwe! Now time for more important things...any doubt that #DayInTheLife is the best @thebeatles song ever??"

  • JeanAE

    Can only hope that leads to a Jericho VS HHH fued.

  • Nathen

    He’s right. Triple H was never ‘the guy’, he just likes to think he was. I was hoping Bryan was going to point that out during the promo.

  • MyBrokenKnees

    The return of Jeri-show is coming then!! Chris needs his big 4 PPV payday!

  • Xavier

    LOL, you know your promo was great when people start getting legitimately pissed about it.

    • Steve pritchard

      It was just a promo. But i get where jericho is coming from. The reason hhh is where he is . Is because of who hes with. Jericho is very un appreciated as a super star. HHH could have took shots at plenty of people besides jericho in that promo but didnt.outside of being the best heel in the business HHH is very overrated. He cant play a face character to save his life. Edge and jericho were the masters of selling theyre character no matter whether its face or heel. Cant say the same for trip. Hes awesome as a heel but a total bore as a face. I know its just a promo. But i thought that was very disrespectful to jericho and edge. It just goes to show you what banging the bosses daughter did to trips ego. However i think he does great work behind the scenes if he doesnt let his ego get the better of him.

      • Xavier

        Gonna have to disagree with you bro, So if Triple H’s promo was disrespectful then was Punk’s pipebomb in 2011 disrespectful as well seeing how he called Steph a idiot and said the WWE would be better off if Vince was dead? Or are you giving that a pass since it was a internet darling who said it? It was a great promo with lots of truth to it, Jericho, Edge or RVD have never been the face of the company nor were they ever at any point in their careers a bigger draw then Triple H or higher up the card. You said Triple H was a terrible face, then what does that make Jericho as a face. Y2J’s face runs with the company have been pretty forgettable, same with Edge (horrible as a face). I’d take Triple H over Jericho everyday of the week over Jericho. Especially now. The whole he’s banging the bosses daughter argument is beyond old and tiresome at this point. Triple H was going to be a Hall Of Famer regardless of who he was with. And Triple H is far from overrated. Jericho needs to quit with the bunny ears BS and quit being so sensitive.

        • Alan

          Agree with you Xavier, and totally disagree with Steve, Triple H can work both as a Face/heel, I remember back in the day when edge feuded with Jericho for the match at WM 26, Edge came back as a face from an injury and let me tell you that I was begging for Edge to turn Heel again because I didn’t like his work as a face

        • Steve pritchard

          No im not giving punk a pass for the 2011 pipe bomb bs. I dont refer to talent as internet darlings. Your either a fan or not. I guess we have to agree to disagree on tip and jericho. Edge was one of my favorites from way back . And yeah im a punk fan too. The only time trip is interesting to me is when hes heel like now. He is no where close to the in ring talent jericho is . Hell he does the same 2 or 3 moves in tandom . He has a nice spine buster but so did double a. So hes hof without steph being his wife. Lol he would have been forgotten years ago without her and the angle they had years ago. As tiresome as the argument may get doesnt make it any less true . Trip has a good gimmick , jericho and edge have talent. Dont confuse good talent with good gimmick. Im all about ring work , mic work and gimmick comes second to me. If you like trip better than edge and jericho thats your opinion! I respectfuly disagree. I dont give anyone a pass . I call it like i see it . Please dont confuse me with the rest of these iwc ‘ers . Im just wrestling fan.

          • StevenMustBeSmarterThanAllOfUs

            And I don’t refer to wrestlers as talent, but that is just me. ” Please dont confuse me with the rest of these iwc ‘ers ” – Lol at the fact that you said this right after the status quo IWC tag line “Without banging Steph in the gine hole he would never have made it.” I obviously paraphrased but you get the point. I mean it’s not like the first two incarnations of DX weren’t over,especially the second one. Both of which took place before he started drilling Stephanie in the red eye

          • Gary Robert

            lol red eye

          • Xavier


          • Xavier

            Okay so if, so going off that logic then I guess Edge would of never amounted to anything if he hadn’t gone behind one of his best friend’s back and banged his girl Lita (b**** move by the way).

        • WrestlingFan4Life

          Thing is, HHH was a superstar long before he started “banging the boss’ daughter”. Let us not forget that HHH once dated Chyna; who knows how many other divas he has been with. Would he be COO (and future owner) of the WWE if he was not with Stephanie? Probably not. But he would still be a top guy, a Hall of Famer, and one of the best in the business’ history regardless.

          • Xavier


        • Lebron James

          You need to relax, buddy. All three were great. Overall I’d say Hunter was better, but that’s just due to longevity as a top guy. He was definitely given more opportunities than the other three. But yeah, all three were amazing.

    • Alex Gallardo

      I LOVED that promo. All Jericho knows how to do is whine and complain to the IWC. We’ve seen it every since he was in WCW.

  • I agree. I hope this leads to an angle. On a non-kayfabe front, Chris Jericho is as under appreciated as Bret Hart was back in his day.

    • Avalanchian

      Also I think it takes a bigger man to go under after his prime days to push new talent forward.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      The problem guys like Jericho and Bryan have is that they are not big guys. Sure, Shawn Michaels is not big, and he made it. But he is one of a select few who fit that category. Vince is hooked on the look of a HHH or a Ryback; if you are not cut like them, you are not going to the top. Period.

  • _JIM_

    There was a time when Triple H could argue that he was indeed the top guy in the company. After Austin and Rock were both gone who had more runs with both the W.H.C and the WWE Championship than he did in that time period before Cena came along? Hunter was always in the top angles. He had more championship runs than Undertaker that’s for sure, and I’m sure that’s who everyone feels was the face of the company afetr Rock and Austin left. Though I don’t agree with his comments on RVD, Jericho, or Edge. They were all top guys at one point or another. Before RVD got busted for pot shortly after winning the WWE Championship I’d argue that there was nobody hotter at the time. The guy was literally on fire. Jericho should be smart enough to the business to know that there most likely wasn’t much truth to Hunter’s heel promo. Because it wouldn’t draw the necessary reaction if it were the truth.

    • Rcmorgz

      During that period after rock and Austin left I’d say angle and lesnar were the top guys in the company to be honest

  • Tom

    Triple H has always been pretty phony. He makes a good businessman, and that’s all he has ever really been. He seems like the kinda guy where if you cross him, he will bite you later on as he doesn’t let things go… That is very obvious.

  • AlaminoCasino

    I’d like to think of it in an opposite way. Just think of how popular wrestling WOULD BE if they had let people like Jericho or Edge be the face of the company. Instead, wrestling is in a down period where it’s not as popular and the ratings are stagnant because the same old people are in the ring, doing the same old things. Jericho, Edge, and people like that have compelling multidimensional characters (i.e. someone like Walter White from Breaking Bad or Tony Soprano from the Sopranos, who made shows popular, that would not have necessarily been as popular, had it not been for compelling characters) whereas characters like HHH, Big Show, and Cena give you boring stuff that really hurts the product. They are like a show that goes on for too many seasons.

    I know some people say but,but, WWE is a sport so don’t bring up TV shows. Well, WWE is a sport, but they also claim to be entertainment. That means that they do have very stiff competition. I didn’t watch Raw until this morning, but Sunday night I watched Walking Dead live. Why? Because Walking Dead is compelling to me and makes me want more each week, whereas WWE is not as compelling. I’m still going to watch no matter what because I love wrestling and watch any kind I can get my hands on, I just don’t have that compelling need to take time out of my schedule to watch RAW, or any other wrestling for that manner, as soon as it comes out.

    Until they all realize that, then they are stuck at 2’s and 3’s for viewership, When they label themselves an entertainment company, they need to realize that OTHER entertainment is also their competition.

    • Avalanchian

      Predetermined outcomes don’t come to my mind as a sport. It’s athletic entertainment.

  • Matthew Maida

    it does inadvertently open the door for down the road feuds with Jericho and RVD if either were so inclined.

  • AJ

    If Chris Jericho was never “the face of the WWE” when he won the undisputed titles, then I don’t care what example you mention, HHH was never the face of WWE. Just doesn’t make sense in my eyes.

  • Wyatt

    I think this is just setting up a return feud for Jericho.

    • michael

      i think its hunters true feeling call me a mark i dont care

  • Alex Gallardo

    LOL Jericho is a closet mark who got upset because of what a CHARACTER said on WWE TV. I loved that promo and bye Chris!

    • jomo12

      Regardless of “character” or not, if someone called you out on LIVE television, don’t you think you’d get a little upset as well? Especially for a business you love and have done everything for to make sure it continues to succeed, i.e. putting younger talent over like Fandango on the Grandest Stage of them All.

  • BigMike

    IMO HHH and his ego ……. His “in character promo” was his real words as he has always felt he was better than he actually was. He has a BFF who is one of the best EVER(( HBK)) and he married the right person otherwise he would have forever been just another mid card worker where as Jericho is a much better worker,performer in every sense than HHH and so was Edge

  • Jim Evans

    Maybe when Jericho , RVD and if Edge would make an appearance, then maybe all 3 of them could kick his –well you get the point.

  • Tim

    Jericho always tells the truth. HHH was never the face of anything.

  • Daniel

    Jericho has always worked the internet and knows how to work the internet. Guess what Jericho’s tweet did… sparked interest in Triple H’s promo… That’s how good talent does things

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    This reminds me of a Comedy Central Special I watched. Jeff Dunham (for those that do not know, he is a ventriloquist) was using Peanut (one of his many dummies) and Peanut was joking with Jeff about his name, commenting on how Jeff’s last name should be pronounced “Dun Ham”, not “Dunnam”, and about how his first name has an unneeded “f”. Jeff was apparently getting pissed. Peanut looked at him and said, “Am I pissing you off?” Then Peanut looked at the crowd and said, “The weird thing is, I actually AM pissing him off!”