Chris Jericho Puts Over The Shield, Photo Of Otunga In The Call, JR's Raw Thoughts, Fandango

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- Chris Jericho put The Shield over in a new post on Twitter:

- Below is a photo of David Otunga in "The Call." The film, starring Halle Berry is due out in theaters March 15th:

- Jim Ross posted his thoughts on this week's WWE Raw in a new blog on his official website. Click here to read it.

- Below is the latest Fandango vignette:

  • Braxton

    The tweet isn’t about the shield. It’s talking about Fozzy?

  • Bobby W.

    Yeah!! the shield must have put over fozzy no wonder Jericho likes em……

  • RJR

    The wrong tweet was posted. Between that and the “new” JBL Blog that was actually from 2011, I’m wondering what’s been happening with the reporting lately. Is it laziness? Overworked? I’m not attempting to be offensive here, but people pay for this website and the professionalism lately isn’t up to par. It seems like no one is spending any time researching, checking facts, editing (the PPV reporter can’t properly spell names of all talent correct, i.e. Roman Reins)… again, not trying to be offensive, but something seems incredibly wrong with WNW lately.

    • Dangerous Lee

      It hasn’t been happening lately, it’s always been happening. I notice errors on a weekly, if not daily basis. Mostly typos. Its whatever. I just roll my eyes and tell myself, “hey, it’s wnw…” Kinda like when they put Khali, Hornswoggle, or Brodus Clay on TV, I just roll my eyes and tell myself “hey, it’s the wwe….”

  • RJR

    Ahh, I guess editing/deleting a critical post in the comments section is easier than editing the original post. Good work!

    • RJR

      Ignore this post. I’m not terribly familiar with Disqus and didn’t know it took 5 minutes for a post to show up. I mistakenly assumed someone was upset with my original post and deleted it. Apologies.

  • I do really like The Shield, I wish their tag match and EC lasted a while longer, but hey, I liked it.

    Fandango – Dancing on Ice? tag team with Brodus Clay? Hmm.