Chris Jericho Returns At WWE Live Event In Tyler, Texas

Chris Jericho worked last night's WWE Raw house show from the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas. He came out for a promo but David Otunga came out and requested that Jericho remove his lighted jacket for risk legal action from fans that may suffer from seizures. Jericho obliged and ended up getting physical with Otunga, hitting him with a microphone and locking in the Walls of Jericho.

Jericho ended up not speaking and played to the crowd before leaving. He drew a babyface reaction after beating up Otunga.

  • Dave Barton

    Certainly sounds like he’s babyface, but maybe they just want to keep us guessing until a full-fledged heel turn on tv.

  • Mehtoast

    Just wondering if there was a video of this. I think it is great that he is working house shows, but why make him attack Otunga (HEEL)?

  • havoc525

    So, they’re going to go with him kind of blurring the lines of face and heel?

  • @RatedMKD

    I'm guessing that this is just to keep people guessing. Word obviously travels quickly when it comes to this sorta thing, so they could just be playing with the Internet fans. It's not often that an angle draws as much confusion amongst the "smart" fans as Jericho's return did, and this will surely fuel said confusion.

  • EseRicardo

    @GODSENT83 Usually when any established worker leaves the business for awhile an then come's back, the crowd automatically cheers for them, no matter if they were previously a heel. Look at when Edge left as a heel an came back at the Royal Rumble to win an he got a baby face reaction.
    I'm still not sure where this is going with Jericho but I hope he's heel so he can feud with C.M. Punk.

    • Ernest Bethea

      That's another thing that kills me about Wrestling today. We get mad when a storyline is abandoned, then get mad again when that storyline is picked up. For crying out loud, let's make our minds up here. Like GODSENT83 said, let's ride this wave and see where it goes.