Chris Jericho Returns To WWE On Tonight's Raw Supershow

Chris Jericho returned to WWE on tonight's edition of Raw Supershow from the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee. He was revealed as the worker behind the cryptic videos that have aired on the show for the past several weeks.

While Jericho emphatically denied he was behind the cryptic videos, he was the only rumored name other than The Undertaker to be linked to the videos.  With that being said, WWE was able to keep anyone from confirming Jericho's return before it happened on live TV.

  • christianrocker90

    I'm not surprised it was him, I'm happy it was.

    • Paul

      Shit although in happy was praying for undertaker

  • Ruck

    Been saying this for weeks!

  • eagle38

    Is it just me or was that a good waste of almost 10 mins !

    • Aaron

      I agree %100. All that wasted 10 mins killed wrestling for me tonight. I decided to go on the laptop now which im on.

      • Denise

        Agree, was begging for it to stop.

  • Bmac4395

    Wow that was probably the lamest return ever

  • Jaryd

    It's great that it was Y2J and I'm so glad I didn't check therumours out prior to finding out as I marked out big style… however… I think it was a mistake not to give him a promo, come on!

    • Y2J2012


  • Stephen

    Is it just me, or did he totally botch his return? It looked as if he forgot all of his lines, and after failing to improvise just left the arena. They were booing him so bad when he went to the back … Epic Fail , or is he planning to come back as a heel ???

    • 5432

      how is it a fail if the fans reacted EXACTLY how he manipulated them to act?

    • Dig Baddy

      Completely agree!

    • shawn

      he is supposed to be heel soo he did that to get the heel reaction.. you cant have those vids and spell the end is near and be cheered for it. he did that to be heel and plus there is a female involved soo all is still left to be revealed.

      • snuggle

        I totally agree at first I was like why in the hell does he keep yelling come on to the crowd like how long is he going to continue to do this until he speaks. Then after he ran around the ring like a million times I thought he was a little to excited about the biggest pop that I’ve heard on raw since the rock returned. Than as I looked at his facial expressions I realized that he was mocking us all and that the crowd had no clue, and to make the mockery cut deeper he ran around the ring again and went up the ramp and only then did they start to get a little smarter and start to boo him. I don’t know what vince had planned for the storyline of jericho’s return but I hope it involves him winning the rumble and going to wrestlemania to challenge punk and prove why he is truly the best in the world at what he does and win the wwe championship. Jericho is truly the best at wrestling and mind games since shawn michaels, he knows how to work and play with the fans emotions which is what a great wrestler is supposed to do. Look at the greats who have fine it stone cold, rock, hogan, michaels, hunter, orton, guerrero, hart, need I say more great company to be included with I think so.

      • XKonn247

        “She” is more than likely the WWE Title or the WWE itself. Not a literal woman.

  • Mike

    y2j = heel

  • Mark

    Really? He returns and does't say anything, it really looked like he was waiting for the real "End of days" superstar to come out.

  • Frenchfry

    yea but what in the hell was he doing?

  • Robbie

    Huge pop for when he came out. But 2 minutes after the music stopped, it was rubbish…

  • Sloth10

    Didn't even say anything….

  • David

    That was the worse return to WWE TV ever, I hope WWE stock lose 50%, I hope every single writer gets fired and I hope Jericho leaves just as quickly as he came back. I have been a wrestling fan my whole life and WWE has been lackluster for the last 3+ years and as soon a something sparks an interest such as a hyped return they bury it just as quick. No Countdown, no build up no follow through. Color me disappointed.

    • David

      The only thing I can see all of this making sense is Jericho coming out and giving the code breaker to Cena.

    • Bmac4395


      • inyene

        haha they be takin things too seriously

    • Matt

      Easy fanboy it’s just a lead up to his heel turn

  • H.M.

    Uh, so he was probably mocking the crowd… which = a heel return right?

    • Stephen

      She = The Championship

      Motive = "The Best In The World"

      Spoiler = He's going after Punk for the Title 🙂

  • David

    Soooooo disappointed that the return was Jericho and not Undertaker ! That was the worst and most boring return ever !!

  • Tom

    once he does something heelish he will just call all the hypocrites stupid for cheering him when he didn't even speak

    we all know reclaiming what is his is "the best in the world" title that Punk stole.

    predictable but it should be an awesome match at least

  • Josh

    I'm willing to bet he comes out and attacks John Cena…to try to come "take back what's rightfully his…" "the face of the WWE…"

    • 5432

      cenas plate is full w/ kane and rock

    • Y2J2012

      No chance; cena's feuding with kane for one; and secondly, he'llbe after the best in the world slogan, and title belt.

    • XKonn247

      Brother that’s a net you’re gonna lose

  • Btb

    I can’t express my dissapointment enough. Over a month of mystery a celebration for a showboating entrance?

    • Amanda

      I definitely agree. I actually went to sleep before they even revealed his return. I was expecting someone new, kinda like they did with Karma. Honestly from reading the comments, I’m glad I didn’t wait up for y2j

  • MohamedSkaiky

    That crowd was crap. Should of happened in Chicago, Boston, New York, or Canada. That was awful. That was Y2J! Come on.

  • LeftyTosser

    Absolutely lame joke by VKM. A lot of hype for what? Jericho, now that's funny. Good performer, but certainly not the ratings saver that is needed.

  • Gary

    yeah he worked the crowd to the point of turning on him….I could tell that was his intent.

    • snuggle

      Now that I think about it I agree he was overworking the crowd making fun of them for the huge pop. Jericho is totally a heel unless he got emotional and lost his voice with all of that stupid ass yelling he kept on doing.

      • Maze

        Ive been in this business for 13 years and if you can say nothing and work the crowd over and have them on an emotional roller coaster then you are one hell of a worker. Jericho did exactly that he didnt have to say a word by the time he made it on top of the ramp he was getting booed. Well played WWE.

  • Ubereem

    Wow! WWE just threw away months of build surronding the 1/2/12 videos with one of the most anti-climatic comebacks of all time! #pathetic

    • Amanda

      Definitely agree!!!

  • steve2

    I like how Cole said “I’m not sure what that was.” Same exact thing the rest of us were thinking…

  • MohamedSkaiky

    That crowd was so weak
    . Should of happened in Chicago, Boston, New York, or Canada. That was awful. That was Y2J! Come on.

  • In a way, I wonder if that was an attempt to get the fans to turn on him right away, the way he was smiling as he walked out, like he was up to something, planning to piss people off. It's different.

  • H.M.

    As anticipated MOST fans here are so dense to notice that this was intentional. Jericho wouldn't just forget his past gimmick and RETURN as a happy go lucky face Y2J. It makes no sense. He's clearly a heel.

    Real talk….whose 'she'? Lol.

    • scotts

      good point h.m. has lita ever worked with jericho?

      • snuggle

        The only women he’s worked with have been trish and chyna.

  • jonathon212

    you people didnt get it . he was being over the top in his antics and at the end his smile was starting to wear off. this was just a swerve to set up for a big heel turn . the videos were all building up how its the end of the world and dark stuff so this whole return/ angle is obviously setting up something much bigger then just a face run for jericho .

    just be patient and see where this goes

    • Chris

      Ah yes. We don’t get it, but you do. Funny, that.

    • guest

      yeah u guys he intentionally did that to piss off everyone ur not getting it, he wanted to get them to keep cheering as long as he could until they got bored and then just leaving making u guys more pissed he didnt talk , it wasnt lame at all it was actually genius , trust me jericho is a genius he knows what to do hes prolly the best at it, he wanted to drag it out as long as possible and get booed , to me it was classic cause kno one got he we was mocking everyone….

    • Vinvega9

      Thank you. People on here really need a brain. What he did was BRILLIANT and the pay off will come in the next few weeks as he makes it obvious for the dweebs that he's still an evil manipulative heel.

      • XKonn247

        You know the majority of us got it… It doesn’t change the fact it was sugar. coated crap

  • chris ferguson

    truthfully i think that was the best return ever left everyone hanging on if he was coming back heel or face cant wait to see where wwe takes this hopefully they make it as interesting as cm punk from the summer

  • JakShowtime

    Yep. Definitely a heel. Next week he'll be mocking all the fans.

    "I didn't even SAY anything and you mindless cretins ate it all up and begged me for more!"

  • Jon

    It's funny, none of these people here would know they were being worked if the spirit of kayfabe slapped them in the face. It's all for a purpose. "All you cheered me last week and before I left you were booing me. You're all hypocritical troglodytes." Don't be so dang thick people!!! I'm glad he's back and I'd have him as nothing but a heel. Welcome back, Chris.

    • Chris

      What a mark.

  • JackBo

    How can the crowd be that flat when someone like Y2J returns!?! I agree with the others that it should have happened in a bigger wwe city, Chicago, Toronto etc. Its obvious this is a Jericho heel turn angle. Excellently thought up by WWE.

  • It's a fail for me. Reason being – you don't pull off that type of month long vignette, tease people in and have an outcome and result that does a 180 from what was being shown. It was a dark uncertainty, sometimes a morbid tinge. How was it the end of the world as we know it? It was Jericho seemingly drunk or drugged up and showing off no reflections of the vignettes playing for weeks. Jericho's on my top 3 of all time favorites so I'm not hating on him, but nothing about the build up and payoff came off as something that urged me to check back next week and see what that was all about.

    If you want us asking more questions than having answers, then build up to a payoff that makes sense, so that we're asking the right questions. There are much better ways of bringing someone as vastly talented as Jericho that would leave people asking the RIGHT questions. IMO, this wasn't the way.

    • XKonn247

      He wasn’t drunk. I met him drunk. Had my picture with him drunk. He wasn’t acting like a dippy idiot then.

  • 5432

    they should have just saved him for a suprise in the rumble!! woulda been more memorable

  • Sonic667

    Let down to no end!!!! AWFUL

  • Barb

    Jericho's return was pure garbage. Laurinitius screwing Punk is a horrible story line. Just with Kane does to Cena and I hope Kane drags Cena to hell so Cena never comes back. Highlights: Kane and R-Truth. Lowlights: Jericho, Laurinitus & Ziggler for stealing the championship twice when he legitimately did not win it. Ugh this is the first Raw of 2012. Just a pile of crap. No more than 1 and 1/2 stars. Lets watch the ratings fall some more! Yay!

    • XKonn247

      Ok. Calm down, mark. Just relax. Take a breath.

      • Barb

        Whatever Smark. Guess I am not entited to my opinion…right or wrong.

  • Bryanplaysdrums

    Why does everyone think it was a bad return? The fact that he said nothing is absolutely brilliant. It’s better than him doing what EVERY superstar does. Returns and cuts a promo, or returns attacking a superstar. He returned in the “suspense.” seriously, people strive to be different. Now fans will remember him returning and saying nothing. He left a mark by doing so.

    • XKonn247

      Because Triple H and Taker did the same thing last year….

  • BIGRAN77741

    Y2j is one of the best.jus wait.its all planned.

    • XKonn247

      Well duh…

  • Mark

    I don’t like y2j, I’m really disappointed it was him. Y2J= attentionwhore

    • Amanda

      My thoughts exactly!! Was hoping for something new that would change storylines and make things more interesting!

  • Vin Sidious

    He was pretty clearly mocking the babyface reception, but he should have stopped about mid-way through, wiped the grin off his face and let the crowd have it. "Shut the hell up, people." Explain why he's back and somehow shed light on the creepy promo videos. Having him not say anything was a mistake. Guaranteed, Chris probably thinks its hysterical – never been done before, that's his thing, right? – to have this huge mystery build, bring back a superstar, get the crowd amped and then walk out without saying a word. Well, I hope at least Jericho is amused. As a viewer looking to be entertained, it was subpar.

  • Zach

    Stop complaining jeeze! All of you whining about the return are complaining for no reason. There was a dark side to all those videos for a reason, likely for a heel turn. They gave the fans the excitement of him returning without giving away his intentions. I guarantee every single person complaining will tune in next week to find out what the deal with him was. And that, my friends, is how you keep the ratings going up. “You brought this on yourselves” to quote the video. Clearly a heel turn coming soon.

  • dea3641

    Lol. You people crack me up! Five the angle time to play out before you talk about how terrible it is.

  • dea3641

    *give not five.

  • Sean

    "You have brought this upon yourself. A familiar force shall arrive to claim what is his. She holds the mystery of my rebirth. But when I beckon her I will return to claim what is mine. She has spoken. It is time. The end of the world as you know it is here. Now" This could also mean that he's waiting for this mystery women. as he is waitingt to beckon her…. Waiting to call upon her… and once he has and she has claimed whatever the hell she claims Jericho wil become himself…. I just want Jericho to be the Jericho who punched HBK's wife… the one who did hell in a cell martches, the one who was diabolical…

    • XKonn247

      You want to cheer a man who punched a woman?

  • Jordan Burns

    Jericho is going to become a heel, after that performance! And I'm glad it wasn't in Canada when he returned, it would've been a dead give away to the fact that it was Jericho! And no matter what, he wouldn't have been able to get heat!

  • Justin

    Chris jericho rules. I dont care if he is heel, he is still awesome!!!

  • Bobby

    To borrow a popular term: Really ? Really? Really? ……RAW / Smackdown…..TNA is down the street from ya as in terms of taking over the wrestling world. Pretty soon they will be knocking at the front door. Especially if WWE continues to have nights like these. The main event even sucked real bad.

    • snuggle

      IYou sound stupid tna wouldn’t come close to taking over as number one if vince sold wwe to them and quit the wrestling business. You idiots are so dumb and lame that it hurts to laugh wwe will be number one with or without you marks who just don’t get it. Jericho is smart and the number one heel in wwe right now period. Jericho had you dummies hyped up thinking he was face then he reeled you in with mockery like only he can do and bam played you idiots of you didn’t catch on midway into his return that he was heel and mocking the cheers then you are as dumb as a new born baby.

    • sean

      You are truly clueless if you think wwe is in trouble of losing their spot at the top no other company is close you idiot

  • shawn

    for all the comments that mention how he was working the crowd to get him booed thank you!!!!! yall get it !!!!!!!!! Jericho is supposed to be heel. He came back to cheers but with those cryptic vids spelling the end, he needed to be heel not face. SO he worked the crowd the way he did to get booed and have the fans like "WTH" did we saw? well we saw Jericho in his heel fashion. soo what if it was lackluster. he did his job to turn and now next week he will build upon it.

  • armando

    Y2J = heel,no questions ask!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    who cares about him, I don't

  • bobcavic

    You know what? That comeback was annoying… You know why? IT WAS SUPOSSED TO BE! That was the most clever way to counter the ‘comeback = face’ issue I’ve ever seen. Not perfect, but nice F’ing job Y2J.

  • Bryan

    Bobby, WWE on its worst night is still better than TNA on its best night.

    • sean


  • Wasnt surprised

  • Jason

    Pretty sure his return is mocking Cm Punk's return….leaving the company as heel only to return as a face just because people cheer you. Jericho is the ultimate heel…he doesn't care what the people do. I have to say once Punk returned to raw and he was playing the crowd as a face…I was like "what the hell is this?"

  • Andy

    Very unique and memorable return. Can’t wait to see what he does next week!

  • Wwe4L76

    Omg! Come on Wwe! Really?!?!?!!

  • Josh in MN

    Brodus who?

  • sean

    All of you who are giving out about Jericho not saying anything don't get it. There was a huge mystery over who the videos were about and now we know. But now there is the mystery about just what Jericho wil do now he is back. There could be an angle with CM Punk over the best in the world nickname or with Randy Orton who wrote him out of t.v. We don't even know if he is going to be a heel or face. Do you understand? Now we are kept in suspense again it is a smart move many people are going to wonder just what the hell is going to happen and will tune in next week just to find out.

  • Amanda

    I know Jericho is a big name but all the hype leading up to “the end of the world as we know it” disappointed me a little when I discovered that this was simply his return. I was really looking forward to something really kick ass as the video clips kinda gave me the creeps. Kharma’s videos leading up to her RAW entrance (short lived before her pregnancy) were amazing. I was really hoping for a new face…a new storyline…something incredible. But as I’m not much of a Y2J fan, I’m not too excited. I was really looking forward to a game changer…something to add a little spice to what is becoming redundant and boring…but the WWE just added more of the same OLD, same OLD for me. I’m rather disappointed.

  • Sloth10

    Sean… yes we do 'get it'!! We're just not too happy with how it was played out. Do you get that?

  • Jeremy

    3 Things I need to say about this return: 1 – The returning build-up was great. 2 – This return should have been saved for the Royal Rumble. 3 – Jericho needs to show some and heat and talk his mind to the crowd otherwise most won't take his return seriously.

  • Logan_Walker

    Here is a Quote For WWE.Com

    "No one could have guessed that these clips were heralding the return of Chris Jericho."

    I Think Everyone knew it was jericho / Undertaker and then When the photos came up well i dont need to say anythink else

  • t_rev1987

    I think WWE is trying to get a return to the 'attitude' era, think about it, Y2J coming back and not saying anything, Kane popping out of the ring and trying to drag Zak Ryder to hell.. that kind of stuff hasnt happened since the late 90's, before WWE got all PG. They are really trying to get things back to the hayday…slowly, I think its happening.

  • Mattorhead

    Jericho sucks! What a fail! All that build up for someone who isn't even intimidating. WWE used to be awesome! What the hell happened man… Kane and R truth are the real highlights. I'm sick and tired of plain wrestlers these days. Gimmicks used to everything and built a real story line. now it's just a bunch of dudes in underwear touching each other… Bring back the real excitement.

  • J.B.

    Lamest return ever!!!! Not one word. I was really appalled about the build up and even his recent interview where he said "I will never return to the WWE" citing his age and his band being so hot. Wow I think I agree with the thought better it should have been the Undertaker. Oh well this will not spice up anything.

  • wwe insider

    Does anyone else think it was a false lead,because i like jericho but it was building to taker,lamest joke ever.

  • J.D.

    Yes he is a heel and he did a damn good job. It was a complete masterpiece, all the people who were disappointed and thinks he failed his own return, means he's playing his role as the HEEL extremely well. He didn't need a promo to disappoint alot of people. Owned.

  • chopper

    can't believe i have been looking forward to this for ages and thats what we get gutted i am wwe is realy starting to piss me off big time so glad that i don't have to pay for any ppv thank u internet!