Chris Jericho Says Brock Lesnar Is The 1/2/12 Mystery Man; Calls Fight A Joke

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- Chris Jericho posted the following on his official Twitter account:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Trent for his help compiling these Tweets.

  • Van

    I bet Jericho will say something like "I fooled all of you saying that was never coming back and you fell for it" but me & alot of others will be saying "no you didn't.we knew you were bluffing the whole time"

  • John

    Lost all respect for Jericho. He should stick to pro-wrestling or his garbage rock band as he's obviously never seen, or heard of Alistair Overeem. Everyone with a clue knew that Brock was in trouble if he couldn't get the takedown.

    And it's so obvious that Jericho is the guy returning tomorrow night! How people are even debating it is beyond me!

    • Patrick_Peralta

      If you don't watch UFC or any MMA how would you expect anyone to to know who Alistair Overeem is?

      Hell I don't watch Baseball or Football and I have no clue who plays in those sports nor do I care.

      As for jericho's comment of it being a joke, you don't know if he watched it or just read the results.

  • snuggle

    This is jericho attempting to throw us off he is the mystery man for mondays raw.

  • Silver

    As much as I like Jericho, he's starting to sound like a little kid playing war, "You didn't hit me I'm not out, I'm not out!" For someone who is done with the WWE he sure keeps talking about it. On the other hand, if he's right and it does turn out to be Lesnar, I'd be OK with that to be honest.

  • King

    will i could see him returning (jericho) at the royal rumble. but last night it just looked like he came in to get $400,00$ and leave but i guess it could be brock u may never know

  • Wwe4L76

    We know its you Jerico

  • josh

    jericho keeps bringing up the mystery videos to try to throw us off its him.

  • Noah

    Y2J is just playing it off

  • Ryan

    I have to admit I thought the same thing when I saw how badly Lesner lost last night. The more comments Y2J puts out like this, however, the more obvious it is to me that he is the one coming back on Monday night.

  • mathew30

    lets face it the fight didnt add up, brock is very intelligent and for him to do a stand up against soembody he clearly knows will easily kick his ass on stand up, but to then give up and say hes retiring , whicha ccording to dana white still means hes under contract even when retired. so im gonna take a guess soemthign has been worked out with vince during brocks legal positon during retirment.. but i definately have to agree with y2k that the fight stinks.

  • H.M.

    I don't think people realize how masterfully Jericho diverted the hype surrounding him to Brock Lesnar (the recent rumours and fan speculation have been 'rampant' as JR put it). I mean REALLY does a guy like Lesnar NEED such videos to hype his return? They have NO resemblance to Lesnars character whatsoever( unless he were to have a huge gimmick change, but that's not really likely).

    This only furthers my opinion of 1/2/2012 being the return of Jericho.

  • bryan

    I do think its strange…Lesnar retires from UFC 2 nights before the mystery debut on RAW, Lesnar has been seen at WWE headquarters in recent months, Lesnar is in the new WWE '12 video game…does anyone think these are all coincidences? Whether its Lesnar or Jericho, Ill be happy either way. Im just gonna watch it as a fan and try not to overanalyze things.

  • mathew30

    ok well im going to go straiught in with a rock style entrance, but just like the rescue from y2k which went down like a wet squib, i hope this reveal on monday will be stunning

  • Blaine

    I'm throwing my tv out the window if its undertaker

  • Me.

    See you tomorrow, Jeri-tool #obviouskayfabe #werenotstupid

  • Octavio

    I don't think the one who would return is jericho but the undertaker because the little girls promo looked to me like when the undertaker do the entrance as the american badass

    • 5432

      yes but the videos end w/ "do u understand"…as in: "do u understand…wat im saying 2 u…RRIIIGGGHHTT NOW??"

    • sean

      That would mean a gimmick change for Taker wwe aren't stupid chances are Taker's last match is this year so a gimmick change on him now is foolish

  • herro

    umm is jericho dumb 1/2-02 i think we past that date

  • Steve l

    Smells like a work its y2j but the videos dont match his character either. Another example of WWE using generic Ring style videks to promote something befire they even know what it is. Also could be a new guy like Brodus or Tyler Black.

    • 5432

      but brodus or tyler,etc…r NOT a "familiar force"

    • sean

      I agree with 5432 the videos keep refering to rebiirth familliar force returning it has to be someone who has been there before who would make a major impact with their return Reks and Clay do not fit it is either Y2J or Taker

  • Adam

    If it is Jericho or Lesnar I will go crazy, if it's Taker I will just cry

  • Iseethefuture

    I'm going to break all your hearts now. It's the return of Vince, it's all there , watch the videos again.

    • sean

      Possibly but it would have to be Stephanie aswel turning on HHH but it sounds to much like the McMahon/Helmsley era

  • Dexter

    It’s clearly Jericho if he was really done with WWE he’d shut his mouth and stop talking about it either that he’s in on it ( who’s returning) and trying to keep people guessing.

    As for lesnar fight I never saw it or watch a lot of UFC but I’f he did throw the fight to come back to wwe who cares especially if at WM it’s Lesnar V Lashley in a MMA battle

  • MonsterMike42

    I love how everybody is saying it's either Brock Lesnar or Chris Jericho who returns on Monday. It's probably just gonna be the Undertaker. Although I would prefer it to be Jericho.

  • Ruck

    After these tweets I have no more doubts that Jericho is indeed the so called "mystery man" of the 1/2/12 vignettes. I have to say something about Brock Lesnar. After that illness he had which he had to deal with it twice, hes never been the same again! It's so obvious that that illness did something terrible to him because before he was winning fights left and right and beating ppl up like there was no tomorrow. People lets not judge Brock, lets be thankful that he gave us some great moments in the UFC (as well as WWE back in the day) Brock did the right thing by walking away because who knows what might have happened down the line with him. I am sad that hes gone but who knows, this may be a thing where he will finally be able to have that WM match against The Undertaker.

    • 5432

      u mean wm match vs. cena in 2013

  • Victor

    Its Chris Jericho cause look at it
    Y) year 2012
    2) day 2
    J) january

    • Ruck

      lol good point!

  • jocka

    I'm looking for a heap of apologies if it ain't Y2J or BL

  • John

    Are people really trying to say this fight was a fix? I mean seriously are people really that stupid? Obviously none of those opinions are coming from people who actually follow MMA but it's the same bs that people said after the Velasquez fight.. "ohh Brock threw the fight so he could face Undertaker at WM" Well no he didn't & i can tell you that there's "no chance in hell" that Brock appears in WWE tomorrow night or anytime soon for that matter. (I expect Brock back for one last run in WWE at next years WrestleMania)

    Some people are really saying that Brock decided to STAND IN FRONT OF A K-1 LEVEL KICKBOXER just because he wanted to lose? It's highly likely that Brock suffered several broken rib's at the hands of Overeem.. Thats one hell of a price to pay for "delibrately throwing a fight"

  • Bobby

    Lesnar was the most overrated fighter of all time

    1-0 : Beats Min-Soo Kim. Who? That’s guys record is 3-7. Big deal.
    1-1 : Lost.
    2-1 : Beats an aging has-been Heath Hearing. Big deal.
    3-1 : Beats a man twice his age and half his size in Couture. (And who gets a title shot after 3 fights and 1 win!? Seriously.)
    4-1 : His only legitimate win. I’ll give him this one.
    5-1 : Was destroyed by Carwin who gassed himself and won the fight for Brock.
    5-2 : Destroyed.
    5-3 : Turtled, again, and lost.

    Brock’s record is pretty pathetic if you ask me. Why people thought he was so great is beyond me.

    • 5432

      the POINT is: he STILL held the title…and STTILL left a mark. dont matter who he beat or who beat him or how!!!

      • HPK

        Yeah…that's what it's all about…making your mark , making money , and making tracks !!! No loyalty or allegiance to anything but # 1 !!!

  • HPK

    Jericho and Brock are two of the BIGGEST All-Hype Assholes in the sports world ( or should I say entertainment world with the exception on one) !!! They both are just full of hot air !!!

  • BigMike

    I truly think it is Jericho I mean come on………….. the Code 1/2/12 the using of the term Prophet

  • bulletproofmind

    Isn't Lesnar married to Sable? She could have been the anonamous Raw GM, who finally reveals herself, only to let Brock come back into the company.I mean the video says "Second Coming" which makes me think it isn't Jericho, however, didnt Jericho say during his last run that the Y2J that everyone knew and loved was dead? which would make it the second coming of "the best in the world at what i do" Jericho, her could refer to the title or the raw show, or stephanie coming to challenge hhh's athority with her chosen one Jericho, "Prophetless" – There is no Y2J to save you now…. just thinking out loud. lol

  • EvilKevyn

    It's Matt Hardy or JBL.