Chris Jericho Says Fandango Is Vince McMahon's New Pet Project

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Chris Jericho recently spoke on the Fandango character and Vince McMahon's affection for it. Below is an excerpt from his comments given to Hooked on Wrestling:

"I think probably when I did Dancing with the Stars Vince probably watched it and thought all the dancers looked gay and thought they'd make a great heel. This is his new pet project. He loves it. He's rolled with it from the start and now it's getting over to a degree - I don't know if he's more over or the song is over, but at least there's a reaction.

"To be honest I did a lot of that to make it happen. It's why Vince put me with him for Wrestlemania. I wasn't really super excited about it at the start as you can probably imagine but but then after a bit I realised what the task was and that it was a challenge!

"I told Vince probably about a week before Wrestlemania, he's going to be a babyface soon. "Why?" he says. Because it's such a ridiculous character and he plays it so well so far that most of the crowd will be cheering for him too.

"It's hilarious. Here we are two weeks later and he's the most over guy on the show. Well, at least his music is."

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  • Smart Mark

    Y2J, putting superstars over since 2008

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      No, it’s actually 2004. During that time he put over Orton, Batista, Edge, Kane, Christian, Shelton Benjamin and even Tomko; though that one failed miserably.

      • K!NG

        did you forget his WCW days? this guy has put everyone over no matter what year it was and what promotion

  • Vance

    Faaaaaaaaaaannndaaaaaangoooooooooo reminds me of Macho Man in the 80’s; the heel that everyone cheers because they love to hate him.

  • This guy Y2J is a legend. A man of his credentials need not work with a rookie but here he is, trying his best to make this guy popular. Kudos to Y2J. Some may argue that he needs the money and will do whatever Vince asks him to, but the fact of the matter is, The Man has been putting others over for ages. CM Punk’s first major feud (forgetting Cena) in his historic title reign was with this guy and all the matches were classic. He helped Ziggler, Swagger and now Fandango…

    Got a whole new respect for the man!!!

  • Ricky

    Jericho has a point, Fandango’s MUSIC is over, but is he?