Chris Jericho Says He Won't Be At Wrestlemania XXIX Next Year

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Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Kleck

    Chris Jericho says a lot of things…he’ll be there

    • Leo

      Yeah. Just like when he denied that he wasn’t behind this year’s cryptic video comeback. Guess we’ll find out at Wrestlemania.

      • Leo


    • ChrisH

      Chris Jericho lives in opposite land.

  • For Jeri-Troll, no means yes

  • Noah

    Warning: we are being jeri-trolled

  • choloman72

    I hope this is true. Jericho….just leave please and not come back for a very long time

  • havoc525

    He’s not likely working a match, but, Vince should look into booking Fozzy to perform, if they’re not doing shows too far away around that date.

  • H.M.

    *Flashback to last year when Jericho denied returning to WWE in 2012*

    Yeah. He might be right or he might be wrong. All I'll say since it's Y2J aka one of the few guys that can keep people in the dark even though he seems clear lol.

  • The Breaker

    I do love me some Jeri-trolling.

  • Van

    Let me guess.It's another set up just like "Chris Jericho says he's never returning to the WWE"

  • Robert olley

    If its true that negotiations did fall through then this could well be true

  • PhilT81

    He’s coming back to ‘save us’. With ratings so low, maybe we will get Mr McMahon back on TV. I still think the problem with ratings is due to RAW being three hours and I also think that more emphasis should be put on having a great quality writing team. To me, the best thing in WWE right now is Team Hell No (I would have preferred Team Friendship). I think it’s time for another stable to ‘take over’. Put the title on Ziggler at ‘Hell in a cell’ and have Zigger and Punk leading the stable with Heymab and Vickie as co-Gm’s of both shows. Have more and more talent joining the stable each week – including plucking talent from TNA. Vince should just secretly buy Panda’s share and financially subsidise it like he did with ECW – long before he actually bought its bankrupt assets such as brand and tape library. In fact, if they can’t bring in TNA talent then maybe they can bring in ECW guys (They have Paul Heyman afterall) as well as ROH guys than Punk has always wanted in the company – like Colt Cobana. The reliability of the ECW guys and lack of in-ring talent wouldn’t matter too much as they would be mainly there for name value and to make up numbers standing in the background and for any brawls with WWE guys. If Vickie/Heyman are just GMs of RAW then maybe Booker T could lead the WWE guys. You could even have Royal Rumble with 15 WWE guys and 15 of Pubks guys. Punk loses his title earlier in the night but enters the Royal Rumble and wins due to his guys working together to eliminate WWE guys and protect Punk and then if there are any left at the end they can eliminate themselves to give their leader the win – setting up a rematch for his title at Wrestlemania. By the time it’s Wrestlemania – everyone is expecting him to face The Rock but in actual fact – month before there starts to be tension in the stable which is really big by now – it breaks into two rival factions with one led by Dolph and one led by Punk (maybe there’s tension because Punk hasn’t treated Dolph like a true equal). Punk challenges Dolph for his title as Wrestlemania in a lumberjack match with both factions acting as lumberjacks. Ziggler wins clean to retain – establishing Ziggler as a main event star by beating Punk in a top Wrestlemania match as well as Ziggler leading his own stable which rivals Punks stable. I just think now is the time for WWE creative to go all-in and it doesn’t matter how good the talent is, you need great writers. You need good TV writers – you needs team with a variety of strengths – people who are true experts on wrestling history, guys that are great at writing comedy, guys that are great at knowing current trends and what’s going on in the world and guys that can write great drama. You need a variety of strengths brought to the table – pay whatever it takes to get the best writers as it truly pays off. Writing is just as important as talent. Let talent contribute more to the creative process as well, rather than have them just wait to be given something.

    • izblack

      No, No, No. Ziggler doesn’t need Punk. He’s already over.

  • ChrisH

    If he says he’s not he can alway be right. If he doesn’t turn up, he was right. If he does turn up, he was just playing with us and oh god aren’t we stupid for falling for it.

    Like Nash, I find it all a little sad and seeing this kind of nonsense is really off putting as a fan. It’s barely one step removed from when Hogan and Bischoff essentially called all their TNA fans idiots for not understanding their title changes last year.

  • izblack

    Who cares honestly, his latest run in the WWE was a flop,

  • Crane

    Thx Chris and please dont come back. You suck!

  • Razmos01

    Jericho vs The Streak!!!