Chris Jericho Says He's A WWE Guy, Benoit Got Stranger & Stranger In His Final Months

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Mister Saint Laurent reporting:


In the final part of a 2 part conversation this week on MLW Radio, available right now at: , WWE superstar Chris Jericho joined Konnan to discuss to discuss a variety of topics, including why he's never worked for TNA. Konnan brought up negotiations Jericho had with TNA in the past and Jericho had this to say when asked why he ultimately never signed with TNA:

"The main reason is that I always wanted to work for Vince McMahon ever since I was a kid. I've never worked for anybody else since I stepped through the doors in August of 1999 and I never will work for anyone else. I don't want to go to Japan. I don't want to go to Mexico for shots. I don't want to go work in TNA. I'm a WWE guy. That's the way it's always going to be."

"I'm sure TNA is a great company to work for. I'm sure you can do really well there or make some great money or whatever. It doesn't matter to me. I work for the big leagues. There's no reason for me to go anywhere else."

Jericho also discussed changes in how concussions are treated in the industry and how it's shaped his views on Chris Benoit.

"I was like everybody else. Shocked. A sense of 'what the [expletive]' happened. Denial. Betrayal. How can he do this?"

"I look back at it now, and I was really close with him, but he got considerably stranger and stranger the last six months of his life. I was like, what's with this guy? What's wrong with him? And now I know the reason why. It's because his brain got worse and worse."

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  • Just more evidence that it “wasn’t” Benoit.

  • Kleck

    I admire Jericho’s loyalty to WWE and am happy that Vince presents him with contracts that allow him to take time off and pursue other avenues. At 42 years old, we all know Jericho’s time to wrestle might be coming to close. I enjoy every match he works.

  • The World Heavyweight championship went missing after Wrestlemania 20 until Summerslam that year. That’s how WWE wants us to remember things…

  • K!Ng

    whats there really to say about Benoit…. the more we find out about brain injuries the more we understand why but that does not make what he did OK or forgivable by any means

    • Snap

      Of course not, but that doesn’t dismiss the probability that the person who committed those horrible acts wasn’t the same person they had become friends with and respected.

      It’s just like WWE can openly acknowledge Benoit’s contributions while not condoning what he did at the end of his life. Look how much Charles Manson merchandise is freely available, does purchasing that mean the buyer condones his actions?

      • K!ng

        As a father of a 2 year old son i would not wear a shirt with someone who murdered a child on it let alone his own.