Chris Jericho Says He's In The Best Shape Of His Life; Has No Intentions Of Leaving Anytime Soon

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The Winnipeg Free Press has a new article on Chris Jericho talking about returning home for tomorrow night's WWE live event. Below is an excerpt:

"I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon, I'm in the best shape of my life I feel great. The thing for me is I always have lots of other stuff going on and I always have. So sometimes I leave to work on other projects, but I'll always come back."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Dustyn for sending us the link.

  • Blazeking

    “I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon"

    I believe it coming from Jericho.

  • christopher525

    This is the same guy who said "I'm done with WWE," right?

    • Guy Landau

      Yeah, but lets not forget he did so to throw off fans… Pretty successfully considering we've had the information confirmed pretty much since day 1, I might add

  • Joey

    So, now when Jericho says he isn't coming back, just refer to this article haha 😛

  • @RatedMKD

    Physique-wise, Jericho certainly looks better than he's looked in a long time, if ever. I can't wait to see how he carries himself in a proper match. Also curious to see how he juggles the WWE schedule and his commitments to Fozzy, if he does in fact stick around.

    • BigMike

      he went to Lance Storm's wrestling school to train before he made his re-return as he did before when he returned the first time he spent I believe at least a month training and getting the ring rust off him and Storm have remained very good friends since they were in the dungeon together

      • @RatedMKD

        Aye, I saw Storm tweeting about that all right. Supposedly they had a 17 minute match against each other. Wonder if any of his students were there to watch that, would've been an awesome little bonus!

  • Kash

    Good to hear!

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    So he’s in it for a good long time? A quick bucket list then for Jericho before he retires.

    1.) One more world title reign (anytime from Wrestlemania 28 onwards).
    2.) Feud with CM Punk that goes past Wrestlemania.
    3.) He pins John Cena in a one on one match.
    4.) He feuds with a face Christian
    5.) He elevates Zack Ryder
    6.) He and a face Miz feud
    7.) A tag team, with a heel Christian (before the face Christian feud).
    8.) The feud with Orton that I feel is still wide open.
    9.) One match with Daniel Bryan

    That’s all that comes to mind so far. One other one is one more match with Undertaker, but I am not sure if that would happen, unless at Wrestlemania 28. It seems Jericho is heading to CM Punk at 'Mania, so I don't know. WM29? Way too much speculation and vagueness to comment on that.

    • vivalajady

      what does everyone think is jericho better as heel or face

      • MrKevo

        I perfer Jericho as a heel personally. I feel he does an outstanding job especially with his latest heel work (before he left). I do however think Christian works much better as a face. For some reason heel Christian just annoys me with his temper tantrums and whinnyness.

      • CDNslicker09

        Jericho was a great face in the past when he first came to the WWE, but now triumphs as a heel in my opinion.

    • Dave Barton

      “7.) A tag team, with a heel Christian (before the face Christian feud).”

      Already did that one…but no reason not to do it again.

      • christopher525

        Already did number 9 also, it was actually damn good also. First season of NXT.

        • @RatedMKD

          No harm in a re-do, all the same. Give it 20-30 minutes on PPV instead of 10 minutes on TV, let's see what they can do!

      • bejealous

        They did this feud but Christian was the heel with Trisha against a face Y2J

    • Dylan

      I could see this all happening.

  • jdl

    Which is to say once his contract expires, he's done.

  • Carl Manning

    If Jericho was anxious to get back into wrestling, why did he leave the ring Monday on Raw?

    • LukeT


    • Gary

      Its called part of the storyline, Carl

    • CDNslicker09

      Best way to sell a heel return…get the crowd to become irritated with you. lol

    • havoc525

      Seriously? You don’t get the gimmick? Really? Can we say “dense?”

  • Wwe4L76

    10) get owned by big daddy v

  • Matt

    I really like how Jericho's build is going now with him being silent. No matter how they book it, for at least the next few weeks, he's gonna draw huge positive reactions! I always liked him as a face better just because of how well he ripped into people but his serious role as a heel was entertaining, too. Jericho can do no wrong

  • Funkeeh

    Well Fuzzy is touring this summer, so i guess he will be leaving sometime after wrestlemania

    • fan

      Good thing his band is Fozzy.

  • He’s just trying to work us again, he’ll be gone by WM