Chris Jericho Speaks Out After Being Unable To Continue Competing In The Raw Elimination Chamber Match

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The official WWE YouTube channel has posted the following post-match interview with Chris Jericho after he was unable to continue competing in the Raw Elimination Chamber match (full results here):

  • Ezc77089

    So he’s best in the world at getting ktfo by punk?

  • Dangerous Lee

    Was that footage taken from someone’s cell phone?

  • Jay

    Saw that coming. Predictable as hell but does set things up quite nicely for Wrestlemania

  • Matt

    Seems like he's ok. I was actually very worried. CM Punk questioning if it's an X or not scared me

  • gibbons08

    Title change on Raw tonight perhaps?

  • Monty

    Predictable as always, was watching some old wwe videos from early 2000s man how things have changed. Cena was cool he was hip in a way but after rock and Austin left along with Kurt angle I feel like part if wwe dues that day. Now my best memories of PG era are 2 matches of hbk against undertaker

  • @RatedMKD

    Didn't Josh Mathews say (or at least imply) that we'd get another update from Jericho after he was seen to by the medics? Considering the PPV ended nearly 15 minutes earlier, they surely could've squeezed it onto the show…

  • Jaryd

    Chris Jericho and everyone involved in that segment deserve an oscar for making that look believable. Jericho's rolled back eyes expression just looked like something you couldn't fake. Punk asking the ref if it was for serious just showed how amazing he is at blurring the line too. I only became skeptical when they kept giving Jericho coverage after it happend and it was only totally confirmed to me when Punk walked past Jericho on the way out and taunted. Top stuff!

    • Guy Landau

      Actually, Punk's reaction on the ramp still didn't sell me on it, and I am not entirely sure to this very moment if it was real or not. Punk's reaction is what you pretty much have to do in such a situation – sell the storyline as it may be, as there is nothing that breaking Kayfabe will help with in such a scenario.

  • Bubba J

    People complaining about how predictable this PPV was. But what did you expect??

  • cmpunk fan

    the only other way they could have set up a punk v jericho match at mania would be for jericho to win.

  • bruno

    I really hope jericho wins that idiot cm punk at mania