Chris Jericho Suspended Indefinitely By WWE

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The official WWE website has announced that Chris Jericho has been suspended indefinitely, following a stunt involving the Brazilian flag at yesterday's WWE live event in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

TMZ reported the following on the incident:

"It all went down during a match between Jericho and C.M. Punk -- who was proudly waving the flag in the ring. Jericho took the flag away, crumpled it up and kicked the flag out of the ring ... and that's when police stepped in and put a stop to the event.

"We're told Jericho was informed that desecrating the national flag is a crime in Brazil ... punishable by incarceration.

"Cops gave Jericho an option -- apologize to the arena ... or go to jail. Chris chose the former ...  grabbing the mic and telling the crowd he immediately regretted his actions. Cops allowed the event to continue.

"Sources connected to the WWE tell TMZ ... the flag stunt was NOT planned or approved by WWE officials."

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Robi for sending in the story.

  • nightmarephantom

    Oh please. It's a flag, I understand that you shouldn't burn a flag or anything like that but Jericho was just playing the heel. He would've done it in any country including America or Canada.

    • mathew30

      you may brush it off saying its just a flag, but its a rue classic visual and the first thing many will attack. just look at the many times the American flag has been ripped apart and burned.

  • Anand

    I Guess this is a storyline to keep jericho off tv so that he can go on a tour with his band fozzy… 🙂

    In almost all country's disrespecting the national flag is a punishable offense which usually starts with a jail sentence. If this was not a scripted act, I dont think any nations police will accept just a public apology.

    No disrespect to the flag of the USA but if I were to stomp on the flag of the USA and issue a public apology will the cops forgive me? I dont think so. Every countrys flag deserves a certain bare minimum amount of respect. If someone fails to honor the flag, he/she deserves to be punished no matter who they are.

    Here I think, WWE would have already taken the permission from authorities in Brazil for Jericho to behave like this. Otherwise this could turn into a major international incident

    • search4theyeti

      Ok, you must be a republican but i'm looking into this as i respond. "The United States Supreme Court in Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989), and reaffirmed in U.S. v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990), has ruled that due to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is unconstitutional for a government (whether federal, state, or municipality) to prohibit the desecration of a flag, due to its status as "symbolic speech." However, content-neutral restrictions may still be imposed to regulate the time, place, and manner of such expression"
      "The struggle to protect the flag from desecration was ignited shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1989 that flag desecration was “protected speech.” The 5-4 Texas v. Johnson decision invalidated flag protection laws in 48 states and the District of Columbia."

      This being stated you cannot be punished in the United States for doing what he did. Also to sight WWE Anyone remember the Iron Sheik/Sargent Slaughter spitting on the flag? Shawn Micheals putting the Canadian Flag up his nose(btw Canada has no laws against flag desecration).
      While I cannot find anything definite pertaining to the brazlian or san palo? flag. I get the impression they may have stricter laws in this instance. "When a flag is no longer fit to use, it must be delivered to a military facility to be burned during a special ceremony on November 19 ("Flag Day")."
      So this may be legit and could be ongoing till the end of their south american tour.

      The real tell tale sign would be if they extend his contract longer to adjust for the suspension but with all the things the could have storylined removed him for this I don't believe would be the way they would go.

      • Jericlone

        Also to sight WWE Anyone remember the Iron Sheik/Sargent Slaughter spitting on the flag?
        Cite WWE, not sight. You were smart enough to regurgitate something you probably just learned in US Government or a PoliSci class, yet you failed your English teacher by learning the difference in cite and sight. This has nothing to do with wrestling and I’m not trying to pick a fight, but if you’re going to be an arrogant know it all, do it properly.

        • search4theyeti

          Also If I can remember Sheik/Slaughter I don't think I would be in any classes son. Have fun voting for Romney.

      • simbasamba

        i come home from law school to escape precedents, not encounter them on a wrestling site! #getalife

      • XKonn247

        I also seem to remember Test, Christian and Lance Storm burning the flag in the ring?

        • I'm Me

          They didn't actually burn the flag though.

      • Anand

        Had this incident happened in USA then you can claim the rights as per the first amendment. In case you did not notice, Brazil is not in USA. It is a different country and has its own rules and regulations. Irrespective of whether this was a storyline or not, disrespecting the flag of a different nation is a NO-NO.

        The united states may feel that disrespecting a nations flag is part of the freedom people need whereas in the nations i know of, it is a crime. So, as per the laws in Brazil what Jericho did was wrong.

        I Repeat – This incident happened outside the United States. Any individual who visits a foreign country is expected to follow the laws of that nation and I believe Jericho is no exception

  • That is amazing, Jericho is such an awesome heel.

  • Why2Jay

    Reminds me of the Finlay incident…Stupid reasons.

  • Matt

    Had this been real they would have said Christopher Irvine has been suspended, not Chris Jericho

  • jus2cme

    In america it is actually ok to burn the flag as long as the ashes doesn’t touch the ground. Whip your ass with the flag…ppl will hate you but you won’t go to jail.

    He will be back in a week or so whenever the tour is over. The suspension is a PR move. Don’t ruin programming over this incident. WWE claimed they didn’t know or else punk should be suspended too.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      why should Punk be suspended? he was waveing the flag proudly…he didn't do what Jericho did…Punk did nothing wrong unless waving a country's flag proudlly is a crime.

  • havoc525

    Seems a bit harsh, which makes the chances of “work” being much more likely. I remember the Hart Foundation storylines over 10-15 years ago, taking liberties with the American flag. DX would do things to the Canadian flag also. A bit absurd, if you ask me.

  • Logan_Walker

    is this his way to get him off tv

  • Whammaster

    You go to an event to be entertained, you see "bad people" doing "bad things" but then you confuse reality with staged.

    *shakes head* how moronic. Are heels suppose to dance around in a flower garden with a basket full of goodies for the crowd? …

  • Dpikz

    I love Jericho … Burn all the flags for all I care he’s great… He should have the strap !!

  • Ian D.

    Times have changed, people. Everyone nowadays, is super sensitive to any/everything that you do, regardless of your intentions. You can not compare the actions of the Attitude Era and before, where people practically did anything they wanted, to garnish heat. Now, you look at someone in the crowd wrong and they cry Foul!! It’s a whole new ball game now.

  • Franck

    I was there in the event and for sure Jericho did it only for our entertainement. Of course that law is law and must be respected but this was not the case of disrespect.

    Other superstars had also tried to provoke the Brazilian crownd with offenses, like The Miz and Primo & Epico. But all of this is part of the show, and we went there to see this things.

    I really congrats The Miz learn some bad words in portuguese to set fire in the crowd. He really is one of the best showman in the superstars row of WWE. He knew who to motivate who are there to take part in the show. And for sure he extract a lot from the Brazilian crowd. Even he being a heel, he was celebrated and with honor.

    Also, Jericho did the same thing. Brazilian people, like almost everyone, loves and pay full respect to their flag and colors. And the easiest and quickly way to set fire on them is disrespecting, or pretending to, over our flag. It is the same way that the faces respected our flag to gain more (like it was possible, because brazilian people loves them more than a lot) of our support.

    Again, I think that the apologize was necessary, but it could be done after the match. Jericho, like The Miz and Primo & Epico, are heels. They are suppose to do things like this. They are suppose to be the bad guys and to do bad things, offending people, using dirty tricks and all.

    It would be a keyfabe to apologize for that thing with the flag after the sow, but in my point of view it would be the best thing. The match was going awesome (to use The Miz words) but it get something cold after the referee enter the ring to tell Jericho about the arresting thing and all. Even the crowd was not alerted to the problem about the flag until the referee tell Jericho, and for sure must of us started to pay more attention to the law enforcement at the back of the ring than in the match.

    I became something upset with the episode and more, I became concerned about what could happened to Jericho.

    Of course that this can be used to give him an intentional break, but for sure for the Brazilian people it leaves a concern that WWE and WWE superstars became distrustful to came back to our country.

    Finishing, I would like to say Thank You WWE for coming to our place and for given us an amazing show.

  • Franck

    It was changed to 30 days suspension

  • Kevin

    Wow. If Jericho really is suspended, this puts a damper on future storylines. But the WWE had no choice (assuming this is real world and not storyline). If they were told that any misuse of the Brazilian flag is illegal and could result in jailtime, then Jericho shouldn't have done what he did. By violating direct instructions from his boss, he's lucky he wasn't fired instead of suspended. I'm sure each contract has a clause that essentially ends the contract if a superstar doesn't follow instructions. And as one of the other readers pointed out, if this was Jericho improvising and not a preplanned storyline, then by wadding up the flag and kicking it outside to the floor, he very well could have caused an international incident. WWE is so good with their kayfabes these days (excluding any involving John Laurinitis) that it's really hard to tell them from the real incidents. We'll just have to watch to see if anything else develops as a result.

  • bettysteve

    all l can say over the whole incident? *SIGH*

  • Jeremy

    Damn it this is why we don't get good heel nowadays, c'mon Brazil it's just a freaking flag. There would always be more made anyways, now we won't get to see Jericho's awesome run again.