Chris Jericho Talks Favorite Century Media Bands; Advertised For WWE's Overseas Tour In November

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- Chris Jericho talks about his favorite Century Media Bands, the label of Fozzy. You can watch it embedded below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Jordan for sending this in.

- Speaking of Jericho, Wrestling News World reader Mathew Lisett sent word he is being advertised for WWE's overseas tour in November. You can view an advert at this link.

  • havoc525

    I like Fozzy, just think the name hurts them since it sounds like a joke band. He should try using his gimmick last name for the band.

    • james

      Fozzy,i believe,covered Ozzy Ozbournes songs(hence the name)so in a way,they started off as a cover/joke band.

  • Jordan

    Fozzy started as a joke band called Fozzy Osbourne. Then they became serious. You can read all about them in Jericho's second book.