Chris Jericho Thinks Ryback Should Go Over CM Punk At WWE Hell In A Cell

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Amid recent comments that quoted Chris Jericho as to saying Ryback needed to go over CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell on Sunday because Punk had gone as far as he could go, Jericho wrote the following on Twitter:


  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    Jericho is 100% right like usual

  • Bault16

    Jericho is 100% wrong like usual.

  • _JIM_

    I don’t agree with Jericho for once. I really want to see a Rock / Punk feud for the title. So I don’t think this is the time for Punk to drop it. Not that I have anything against Ryback. It could be anyone in his position and I would still want Punk to retain. I also still think Ryback needs to lose to get rid of that undefeated streak. It could be the dirtiest loss that’s ever happened as long as it’s a loss. It frees up the options of what you can do with the writing for his character without that streak to worry about. Which would make his character a lot more interesting. I’m starting to get extremely bored with seeing him beat down 2 jobbers or B-level talent every week. Yes he has faced Miz and Ziggler recently but feeding talent like that to Ryback only to lose or to run away only hurts their characters at a time when they should be being built up. Not run down.

    • ou812

      Here’s what’s gonna happen: Ryback is going to make his way out for his match and walk straight into a bookend before he gets to the entrance stage. Justin Roberts will announce a new opponent for punk and the next thing we’ll hear is…. “CAN YOU DIG IT…SUCKAAAA?!” Booker beats punk and faces the brahma bull at the rumble. That’s EXCACTLY…what’s gonna happen.

      • John Brindle

        I seriously doubt that will happen

  • Enforcer

    I doubt they’d have Ryback/Rock regardless but nothing says they couldn’t strap Ryback now and have him drop it back to Punk before Royal Rumble. Regardless a dirty finish and Punk retaining looks to be the way it’ll go down. Not sure however why they wanna keep it on Punk another 3 months at the minimum. Starting to wonder if a stipulation in his remaining with WWE was a title reign of a year plus.

    • Guy Landau

      But that would make the change redundant. I feel like the best thing they could do is a screwy finish where the match just never ends for some reason, setting up… something. Perhaps a Lesnar interference to set up for something with a 5 men Heyman team vs. A face team at SS.

  • snuggle

    I agree with Jericho, for one Ryback has a lot of momentum right now. Two he’s got the crowd behind him, have you seen the way the ring shakes whenever he comes out to beat up Punk. Three as Jericho said Punk is a huge star, thanks to Cena putting him over. Now would be the time for Punk to elevate Ryback into the point of no return. If I were booking this Ryback would win the title hold it until TLC lose in a table match, thanks to Lesnar. Punk defends and loses to Rock at Rumble. Punk/Austin at mania Ryback/Lesnar at mania, Rock/Cena II, and Taker/Sheamus.

    • John

      WWE is not going to 'throw away' a certain one million+ buyrate by putting Rock and Austin on the same Wrestlemania card. IF SCSA is going to compete at WM then it will be at 30! In my opinion the 3 major matches at WM 29 will be Undertaker/Punk, Lesnar/Triple H, Rock/Cena II.

      As far as Ryback goes, i think you have to think long term on this one and remember that in 3 months The Rock will headline the Royal Rumble, and i just don't see a Ryback/Rock match going over very well! Of course Ryback can always drop the title back to CM Punk in between HIAC and RR, but then that would end Punk's long consecutive reign as champion which gets mentioned every week on RAW, so ending that now would be stupid in my eyes.

      • John

        Your fooling yourself if you think Stone Cold is going to wrestle CM Punk at WM 29. Isn't going to happen!

  • PainOfDemise

    As much as I like Ryback right now, I agree that he should win, but not win the title, which of course means a dirty finish. Ryback still needs to build himself up more, and the current plans for what they have set are going to do that. Just do not put the title on him at HIAC.

    I would of liked it if he would of won some of the mid card titles first and then went on for the top titles, but now since he is in the position, it would look bad for him to win dirty and not get the title, and to end up going after and winning one of the mid titles. Now that he is in the main title scene, he needs to stay there.

  • AnacondaVise

    I think it would be to much to soon for Ryback. I think he is starting to put it together but he isn't ready to be champ.

  • BigMike

    I like his reasoning for what he said and it is true Punk can DRAW with or without a belt and we ALL can agree on that Ryback is the newest "Goldberg" fascination which sux because I like Ryan and how much work he has done over the years to try and break thru and Ryback will be a NICE build and he will be good but it will not last it didnt for Goldberg it didnt for Brock and it wont for ryan