Chris Jericho Update, Neidhart/WWE, Looking Back At WWE Releases Of 2012

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- Chris Jericho will host "Robot Combat League" on SyFy beginning in February. Below is the first trailer for the show:

- Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart is once again listed in the Alumni section of WWE's official website.

- The following video has been making rounds and I thought it was worth running. It's a look at all of the names that departed WWE last year:

  • dustinferrare

    That future endevoured video was dumb. Most of those stars either left on thier own (Edge, Kharma), didnt deserve a spot anyway (Maxine, Tyler Reks), or were let go for leginamite reasons (A.Washington)

    • Andy

      read the video's description.

      • OlDad83

        Seems like there’s always a like-minded individual that makes the same statement I was about to make. Kudos sir

  • The Big Organ

    Is that pic of Chris Jericho accurate? Like is it recent? If so he looks ridicules.

  • Josh


    • Marc

      Edge was signed up to a legends contract and when that expired, he didn’t re-sign as WWE and Edge couldn’t reach a deal.

  • Thumpa

    Thanks for posting the vid up, the guy has done them for every year since 2008 I think, check YT.

    Shame about some of them, Reks was a monster and wasn’t used properly, Maxine was hot and was the most interesting female character by far.

  • Chris Corkhill

    Did they miss out maryse or was that last year? It’s quite short if you hold it up against recent years really.

  • woolf

    i thought the bellas were released way later than edge. not on the same day