Chris Jericho - "Whos James Storm?"

A fan Tweeted Chris Jericho last night that James Storm used his "Code Breaker" finisher in his match against Kurt Angle at TNA Final Resolution. Below is Jericho's response:

Whos James Storm?

  • HPK

    Remember where You came from , Y2J !!!!

    • hurricane1

      Not TNA?

    • hurricane1

      Where he came from…as in…not TNA?

      • ennrique

        he came from wcw

        • andy

          he was in ecw first

          • xjcms

            he means working your way up from the indys you tna haters, i watch them all, but roh has best wrestling, wwe has best ent i guess, tna has 3 guys that are really good angle(best wrestler ever bar none anywhere argue with me i say olympic gold medal and watch every main event from 99-2006) so no doubt and then james storm and robert roode, the rest is garbage including aj styles he's not in wwe cause he's garbage

    • Blazeking

      He said what he meant completely wrong. In order to not get downvoted he should have cleared it up more. I saw it as Jericho being in the same situation when he was in ECW and people (mainstream wrestling fans back then) treated it like they're treating TNA now. If you would have asked them "who's chris jericho?" they wouldn't have known. The only reason I knew him was because ECW always did shows in my area.

      • vmagic

        I new of Jericho way before he was in ECW from the local promotion he was in.

    • simbasamba

      He's from Winnipeg, you idiot!

  • HPK

    Get off Yourself !!!

  • Derek

    Really? Did anyone actually watch the entire Pay Per View? I was there, Storm did his version of it and followed up with his version of the BackStabber, Carlito's old WWE move. What is funny to me, is that earlier on in the night Robbie E. beat Eric Young with his version of the Code Beaker and no one even mentions it.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    It will be funny if James Storm responds with a Tweet "Whos Chris Jericho"?

    • Da KiDD

      What would be the funny part?

    • Stone Cold


  • BollyMexCPhT

    Who's James Storm?

  • Billy

    Come on you two James storm can't hold a candle to Jericho.

    • Joe

      I don't watch TNA so I'm with Jericho on this

    • xjcms

      crazy you ever watch him wwe just gives you a bigger stage

  • Brock

    no but I dont ever remember Goldberg talkin trash either when Billy Gunn started using a jackhammer like move on people just as a regular move, Jericho is like one of the only wrestlers/entertainers I see thats constantly crying over stuff like this, him and Angle.

    • hurricane1

      I believe someone actually asked him about it. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have even acknowledged anything like that.

  • larry

    lol it wasnt james who used it as a finisher, it was robbie e. God people are dumb, he used the backstabber and codebreaker combo, which he has been for a while now.


    if you cant copyright it… it oughta be fair game if ya ask me. this sort of thing promotes innovation. besides some people just own moves. Stone Cold owned the stunner. Disco Inferno swiped it, but nobody cared because it was a guy named Disco freakin Inferno. So…. Who’s James Storm?

  • sportsman6100

    Haha who cares it’s TNA.

  • cannon15

    It was prolly just jericho bein funny tryin to get fans talkin which he obviously did. So I’m not readin too much into it cause I’m sure he has more important things to worry about besides james storme… Like returning on jan2 2012….

    • Blazeking

      Of course Jericho knows who James Storm is. He just wanted to get people talking about him. Most of the commentators in this article are being fake to play to Jericho. We all know who James Storm is. Even the people who don't watch TNA should know who James Storm is since he's covered on this site. AMW,Beer Money, Got a World Tile shot,"why him instead of Roode?!", "why have Roode go over him now?!", the concussion he worked with…)

      I refuse to believe WWE superstars think they're that much "holier than thou" that TNA is too beneath them to watch like most wrestling "fans" do. I'll watch if the show sucks, but I just won't put money into the product.

  • xjcms

    tna has the best wrestler to ever lace them up so i watch until kurt angle is retired he will be the greatest wrestler bar none no one can touch him,

    • curious

      didnt James Storm pin him for the title?

  • Patrick V

    Really, who is James Storm and Robbie E?? Neither of them can hold a candle 2 Y2J. No they can’t hold a candle 2 someone who holds a candle 2 Jericho. That would be someone like John Cena.

  • Alex

    I love James Storm, but to be honest, I don't think Y2J was trying to play a character there. He probably really doesn't know who James Storm is. TNA is so terrible about their marketing that no one knows who any of them are unless they get arrested for drug dealing and show up to ppvs high..

  • Andrew

    Angle is a great wrestler, but the best of all time?? That clearly belongs to the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels

    • xjcms

      crazy have shawn michaels pull out his gold medal, angle can do stuff hbk could only watch and go wtf just happen, angle can do whatever hbk can do and then win a gold medal, and we're talking wrestler not talker or being a sexy boy not a boy toy

  • JordanM

    Jericho needs to come back to WWE !

  • HPK

    Jericho has become a attention starved Prima , And He talked bout guys like Nash and Hogan and Goldberg in the old WCW days !!!