Chris Jericho & WWE Talked Return Plans Last Month

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Chris Jericho spoke with WWE officials in November and pitched himself for a brief return. Jericho was interested in doing a couple of shows but the company wanted more of a long-term commitment. He wanted to work shows when he was off but could only do so a couple times a month.

We actually heard prior to Survivor Series that WWE had been in touch with Jericho but ultimately a deal couldn't be reached.

  • Jeffrey Turner

    I have always been a fan of Jericho up until the incident with Hurricane, a limousine, drinking, a slap in the face, a gas station and crime scene fleeing.

  • Mike L

    Jericho has more than earned the right to come and go as he damn well pleases. At this point, the WWE needs him more than he needs them.

    • Snap

      I agree. WWE has no problems with The Rock or The Brock showing up once in a blue moon and, before people jump on how Rock's a bigger name, etc. I doubt Jericho is trying to get a comparable money deal. Jericho has his commitments, just as The Rock has his.

  • PhilT81

    WWE may as well use him Ada part-timer as and when he’s available. I think that the whole ‘part time’ thing could be a way of keeping things fresh and lengthening the careers of older or more banged up workers. I don’t see the benefit of forcing all workers to be on the road all year round. People are better draws when they are fresh – and people love surprises. Having the same old predictable faces on RAW each week isn’t great for ratings and doesn’t build new stars. It also takes away the headache of what to do with workers that you don’t want to push at the moment but you don’t want to bury either.

  • Matt

    We will see Jericho in the ring once more. When it happens, doesn't matter because he's still at the top of his game and unlike many others, doesn't need a swan song. He can walk the walk.