Chris Jericho/Airport Update - Is He Behind The Cryptic Videos?; Details On Everything I've Been Told

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To update on Chris Jericho being spotted at an airport in Tennessee, I'm told Jericho was actually spotted at Nashville International Airport in Nashville. Nashville is a three-hour drive to Memphis at just over 200 miles. Regardless of the city, Jericho claimed he would be in Canada.

My sources in WWE have been unable to confirm whether the cryptic videos are to re-debut Jericho, The Undertaker or a wild card on tonight's edition of WWE Raw Supershow. That is the exact wording I received from a top WWE source in an email in the early morning hours.

I have had indirect contact with Chris Jericho's representatives and they have not confirmed or denied Jericho for Raw. Jericho has obviously denied all speculation that he is behind the videos.

At this point I am shying away from anything, including airport pictures, until tonight. If Jericho is spotted at or around the FedExForum (the venue for tonight's Raw), I will report immediately.

  • TruHeel

    I dont know if I want to be spoiled on this one

    • Noah

      Same here

    • GODSENT83

      I fully agree. Then fans say they aren’t surprised by anything wwe does shyne, well no ish when you reading spoilers

  • phillieblizzle

    I wish I could have seen him at the airport… Id walk up to him and say “long way from Canada, aren’t you?” hah then I’d tell him “see you out there tonight.”

    • BollyMexCPhT

      "Am from Winnipeg you idiot!"

      I know that is in Canada, but I would die laughing if he told me that if I saw him at the airport.

    • JMG

      Hahaha, yeah slap him on the ass and be like “see ya out there tonight” and just keep walking.

    • josh

      "long way from Canada, aye?"

  • JackBo

    This whole thing is so dramatic, i love it!

    • Adam

      I know I feel like a kid who can't sleep before going to Disneyland!

  • Joe

    this is great. I like how even when it 'seems' like he's returning, we still don't know, keeping this mystery a mystery until the show reveals it

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I'm curious Richard have you thought at all your sources might just be lieing to you, to keep it a suprise or what they have told you is a lie that was told to them so WWE keeps it a suprise. I mean your sources may believe what they were told is the truth. but it's not.

    I mean even you said that at one time Vince was spreading lies to try and find out who was leaking info.

    • wnwdotcom2

      My sources are close friends that I can trust and they're the best at what they do;)

      • Bob

        Idk. Maybe it’s me, but don’t you think the (WWE) would’ve tried to “hide” whomever it is? If Y2J was seen, maybe it’s a bluff or diversion.

        Awesome site Richard!

      • Adam

        You mean the best in the world at what they do 🙂

  • bigdcubsfan

    Raw desperately needs the boost in ratings and with Monday Night Football done this show should pull BIG numbers!

  • craig

    If i was WWE i would have sent a bus for taker, jericho, whoever it is and picked them up in like say ohio and drove them right into the arena so no one would know who it was.

  • Ernest Bethea

    I'll admit this: this build is as hot as the WrestleMania Cena vs. Rock buildup… and THAT was set a year in advance! I can't wait to find out… and like TruHeel, I'm not totally sure that I want to be spoiled on this one. I'll wait for Raw to find out who it is.

  • Doug

    Dude, I have another picture of him at the airport. Tell me if you want it and I actually spoke with him. I can tell you what he confirmed.

  • Josh

    This may be a dumb question, but how can you guys confirm the picture was taken at the airport in Nashville? The pic could've been taken anywhere. Just wondering……

  • Dmendoza2

    Jericho is having fun with this on twitter…he’s been to egypt, a funeral and the winter classic! I highly doubt its going to be Jericho but can’t we all wish it was!

  • Leonard

    Jericho going to cost Punk the title tonight , then it will be Jericho Vs Cm Punk , who the best in the world is .

  • Nick I.

    I saw the photo.. No denying it’s Jericho now… Why else would he be in Nashville when he says he is in Calgary “Internet fools?”

  • armando

    CM Punk posted a pic of Y2J at a airport on his facebook page.

  • chopper

    if it is y2j this will be a great fued for cm punk a great match to look forward to. alot of peolpe r moaning about y2j returning but he will bring back what the show has been missing face or heel.

    but please please wwe dont let it be that idiot skip!

    anyways won't be on this website agin till wednesday until i see raw on tuesday evening after work.

    • smoothjj

      No offense to y2j and what he's done but I don't want to see him IMMEDIATELY in the title picture. I'd like to see him cost cmpunk the title at royal rumble and then both are in the elimination chamber while having batttles leading up to it.

  • sean

    Gos Im going crazy it will be great having Y2J back imagine the promos between him and CM Punk

  • Nick I.

    And funny when it’s Jericho .. Wwe spoiled it with the very first video when Jericho was tagged to it…

  • Lorna Adair

    Taker spotted aswell

  • Maze

    Yeah WWE has done a good job at keeping people guessing, even with how advanced the Internet is now days. Tonight should be a good show with high ratings.

  • Frenchfry

    As with what others said, Its so much more fun to just actually watch and find out instead of working so hard to try to take the surprise out of it

  • Jason from Australia

    Wildcard ? OMG it’s sting ? Lol

  • MsMojoRisin

    heres my theory y2j vs taker at mania

    • Maximv1

      That would be an amazing twist if the videos were tied to both

  • Mrmagoo

    Edge and lita maybe?!

  • Jonnom

    Spoiler!!!!! I have just spotted …….. Bushwacker Luck near the Fedexforum!!!!

    • MsMojoRisin


  • Nick

    what's the chances that during the first backstage GM segment that Johnny Ace says to his cellphone "sorry it will not begin tonight"

  • SeanAwesome

    I hope its him 😀

  • Eloy Tijerina

    I have a feeling it’s going to be Richard Gray!

  • Bertie

    I’ve heard it’s cena turning heel for secong time?? Could be kharma?????

    • Mrpopandlock

      Not kharma. Don’t think she has had the baby yet.

  • josh

    the fedex forum memphis right so in that case its either one or 2 people elvis or andy kaufman to get jerry lawler back for their feud. nah its jericho and the 3rd video about the girl who holds the power is vickie guerrerro she will be jerrichos manager. punk hits gts on dolph he wins. the lights go out the new video it begins now plays and jericho attacks him along with swagger and ziggler.

  • zach

    do you think there is a chance that it is JBL? I ACCUALLY MISS HIM A LOT.

  • Alex

    Who cares!

  • Van

    I'm suprised.Jericho hasn't said on Twitter "that's not me!that's someone who happens to look like me!you all have to deal with the fact that I'm done with WWE!"

  • joe

    actually cant wait for raw tonight

  • Dale

    I’ll be shocked if the videos are for someone that NOBODY expected it to be. I think it is Jericho–denials kind of give it away for me because they won’t admit to being anywhere near the building unless they have every detail just right–but it’s always possible that it’s someone else.

  • a munoz54

    i really hope he makes his return tonight if its not him it will really be a huge dissapointment

  • Martin wright

    Its Jericho think about it a world spinning around in the video …the best in the world

  • I hope if it’s Jericho he’s funny instead of serious and mean! ,’:)

  • Bertie

    I’ve heard it’s cena turning heel for secong time!Could be kharma

  • sdd619

    Richard. I won’t say your sources would lie to you, but i think your sources would get lied to. WWE would want to keep it a suprise.

  • JackBo

    Could it be Andy Leavine? The Tough Enough winner?


  • IKnowWhatImDoing

    On the video that primered of the 23rd, when the journal drops to the floor the name Chris is written on the cover but x’ed out.

  • Mark 3:16

    Anyone notice the kid in those promos has got dx buttons on his jacket?

  • Steve

    I can’t wait to mark tonight! My predictions are: Y2J, Taker, HBK, SCSA, or Christian. I’d be happy with any of those

  • Craig

    Christian I reckon

  • Nikolai V.

    Honky Tonk Man with Peggy Sue

  • Faron

    It’s the fat dude that was Alberto Del Rio’s bodyguard for a long time that grunts like a hog that they built up for 2 months and then dropped like a bad habit!!