Chris Jericho's Flag Incident, CM Punk/Daniel Bryan Rivalry, Stables In WWE (Or Lack Thereof), Thoughts On TNA's Lawsuit

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What are your thoughts on the Chris Jericho/flag incident? I myself can't help but think that there is at least a slight work involved considering he does start touring with Fozzy again in a matter of days?

I'm just learning the details about the flag incident in Brazil involving Chris Jericho but from the information I have obtained so far, it appears fairly legitimate. Obviously in this business you can never rule out the possibility of it being a work, especially given the lengths WWE has went in trying to prove that Chris isn't leaving (check out this video on dot com). What makes me think the incident is a shoot is the fact that Jericho's match was stopped midway through, not in the beginning or end. I find it hard to believe WWE would want to kill the momentum of the show's main event (which was inevitable) had it not been a serious issue. I will post more details when/if they become available.

Do you see CM Punk/Daniel Bryan as potentially as big of a rivalry as Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart? I think if handled correctly, this could go on for years.

When WWE began to feud CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, I know we were in for a treat. On Sunday, we witnessed one of the best matches we have seen in a WWE ring in years, as they clearly didn't disappoint. While the work between Punk and Bryan has the potential to go on for an extended period of time, a new name has emerged in the program. Based on information I have obtained, that I will be detailing later today, it appears any hope of an extended singles-only feud has been derailed for the time being. Punk and Bryan are top guys in WWE and after building Ring of Honor they are now on to carrying the main event in WWE.

What has happened to stables in WWE?

We get a lot of questions from readers that are curious about stables in WWE. While stables have the potential to greatly help the product, they can also become overdone and get stale very quickly. The right opportunity needs to arise before a stable can be created and then it has a limited timeframe to get over with the audience. One of the things I hate about what happened with the nWo, DeGeneration X or even the Nexus is they were pushed beyond that timeframe. As a result, some of the luster wore off and they became a shadow of what they once were.

What are your thoughts on TNA suing WWE over contract tampering?

TNA is trying to protect their business but fighting WWE in court is a losing battle. WWE has more money and resources and they can outspend TNA just for the sake of outspending them. The money and resources that will be used to fight this battle could probably be better used trying to better their product. While TNA may have a case, WWE’s lawyers can tie this thing up in court for years before any type of settlement is awarded.

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  • Christ 4 Life

    Punk vs. Bryan should've been the main event at Over the Limit rather than the suckish Cena vs. Laurinaitis match.

    • Lil Wayne YMCMB

      i wish they had lord tensai vs cena instead. And when will he debut in a ppv?

      • sportsman6100

        Never, he's an assclown that needs to go back to Japan.

      • XKonn247

        You’re in a lonely boat my friend.

  • Jas

    The new name in the Punk/Bryan feud has to be Kane, given everything they've done in the past few weeks. After reading the Smackdown spoilers, I assumed No Way Out would feature Punk vs Bryan vs Kane.

    • AJG316

      Doubt it, the new name will definatly include AJ in some way shape or form. Just don't know how, maybe guest referee or guest informer. You never know with the wwe

      • XKonn247

        Yea there just gonna wash over the Kane thing. Reall? Good god.

    • Jaryd

      "That's gotta be Kane!!" lololol

  • Hunter

    Oh god, please no, they have no reason at all to put Kane in this feud

  • Dangerous Lee

    I hope tna wins the lawsuit. Simply because they are the underdog. Wwe shouldn’t win all the time just like cena shouldn’t win all the time.

    • Ace

      Go sit in the corner.

      • Dangerous Lee

        Nah. Go play with your cena lawn gnome.

        • izblack

          Cena doesn’t win all the time. As a matter of fact, over the last couple years his actially lost more then he as won and has barely held the title.

          • Dangerous Lee

            You’re right. Cena is a jobber. LoL.

    • XKonn247

      What the actual blue hell has Cena got to do with this. Why are you always trying to go against everyone’s grain to try and be controversial? You just come off as a douche. I find myself seeing your name on posts and just sighing at it now.

  • lloyd Clarke

    why Kane??? why spoil a potential legendary feud??

  • bruno

    This whole cm punk/daniel bryan shit is irritating. They are good. Yes. Dont make it look like its Michael Jordan and Bryant facing off both on their primes

  • bettysteve

    didn't l read something, just yesterday about how vince doesn't like stars from tna? and if you are a "ship jumper" trying to return, "good luck to you"?! so now we have a lawsuit about vince poaching from them??

  • Monty


    If done right and given enough time to develop the feud this could be just as big

  • Bill