Chris Jericho's Plans For The New Year; Bret Hart On What WWE Is Doing Wrong

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- If Chris Jericho plans on returning to WWE, he's doing everything he can to throw fans off. Below is from Jericho's Twitter:

I posted the latest on Jericho and WWE earlier this week at this link.

- Embedded in the video below is a new Bret Hart interview. In it, he puts over today's talent but criticizes the "cookie cutter" look and the office that's directing the product. He alleges the office doesn't understand the talent they have and he's so sick of all the names they're pushing.

  • Sphincter Stan

    Chris Jericho blows. Don’t come back.

    • bejealous

      Are you serious? Jericho can still go in the ring unlike guys like hogan and flair

      • Bill H

        No. He COULD still go in the ring when he was still in the ring. He's been away a while, you don't know that he can STILL go in the ring.

        I think he's trying a little bit too hard to point out he's not coming back and he's busy doing something else.

        • bejealous

          He’s only been away about 14 months. I don’t recall anyone questioning his ability to go when he came back in 2007 after being gone for over 2 years

    • Bault16

      I agree! Attitude era is over people!

    • Daniel

      Jericho blows? Have you seen whats going on right now with WWE? They're desperate for a guy like Jericho to come back, especially if they can set up a feud with him and Punk. Who's the top heel right now? The Miz? Mark Henry? Definitely not Del Rio, we already saw how bad that story line turned out. Jericho would definitely add a much needed jolt to WWE. The fact that Jericho can play either a heel or babyface is another huge plus. There's a reason why the rating drastically goes down for Raw in the last hour, no excitement, no real storyline.

  • Ruck

    After reading this I’m pretty much cconvinced that Jericho is indeed returning! Jericho absolutely loves to work the fans. It seems like he’s always kayfabe. The one and only time that he was ever himself was on DWTS.

    • Downfall didn't count?


  • Dave

    Am expecting Jericho and Taker together somehow on the 2nd of Jan.

  • HPK

    Why…So They can waltz together ?

  • HPK

    Yeah…Hogan was big back in the 1980's , but this is 2011-almost 2012 !!! The Old Guys , including Bret , need to stay in the background and not try to grasp the glory from the Newer guys !!!

    • Prprince

      I agree I think Bret is bitter because he was forced to retire. He was great in ring but promos were not great. The younger generation is not perfect and he should back off

    • nitty

      no i really think the older wrestler have a lot of constructive critcism. And brets right, the new era lacks super stardom and its not the wrestlers faught. Heres my idea, the older wrestlers i:e bret, shawn, sssa, maybe even billy gun should jump on the creative team, start writing, and pitch ideas in a more professional, innovative way to help hands on. instead of sidelining.

      • Prprince

        Yea your right but to trash talk about younger stars is bs. If that was the case Bret should go and be creative and help them rather than go public like he always does and bash them

        • ray

          brett never trashes the younger stars and in fact he even praises them. is complaints were towards creative. Watch it again, or maybe for the fist time

          • Prprince

            First off I wasn’t just talking about this interview. He does it a lot watch off the record. He thinks he is god of wrestling watch wwe legends on classics on demand.

        • Bill H

          Quote what he said to "trash talk about younger stars" will you. I'm interested in how you came to that conclusion.

  • Alex

    It's ironic watching that interview because I actually just watched the interview part of the Bret Hart/HBK DVD (not to advertise but it's an awesome DVD. JR does an interview with the two of them together and it's so cool to see the real history with that rivalry) and in that documentary they both kind of criticize that the WWE mainly looks at "dinosaurs" or just big wrestlers like Hogan, King Kong Bundy, Andre, Warrior, etc. and that when both of them entered they were knocked for being undersized. It seems like it's the opposite for Bret here that there aren't enough of those "dinosaurs" these days. It's just interesting to connect the two

    • RatedMKD

      I think it's a question of finding the right balance. It was too skewed towards the "dinosaurs" back then; now they seem to be going for the "cookie cutter" type, to use the phrase Bret used.

      • Alex

        Yeah I used the phrase "dinosaurs" cause that's what Bret and HBK referred to them as. Yeah I agree with you, I think there's no balance and I think there needs to be one guy (kind of how Bret and HBK were at that time) to change the mold

  • FactionZer0

    Bret is just venting out what some fans think. I agree, there is A LOT of good talent out there, but the creative team is definitely using them wrong. I'm sure I could write better then half the people on the team.

  • craig

    taker coming back jan 2 is a big fail imo. everyone knows he always returns around wm time so surprise us.

  • jdl

    Even if he did work in the studio on a new album for his incredibly mediocre band that is significantly less successful than he likes to believe it is, he could still return to the WWE. It's not like he has to be there to write, it's not like he plays an instrument in the band, and he doesn't have to be there for his band mates to record their work. A couple of days off a week to work WWE shows won't impede his crappy band any.

    • RatedMKD

      Being in a band is one of the man's lifelong ambitions. He accomplished everything he set out to accomplish in one lifelong ambition before he turned 40 years old. I'm not gonna fault him if he decides to devote his attention to the other big one. As much as I'd love to see Jericho return to WWE, it's not my place to dictate his life choices.

      That said, the fact that I think Fozzy is an awesome band will seriously soften the blow for me if he doesn't return.

    • Matt Finnie

      Really? Well That's the great thing about opinions; everyone is allowed to have them, no matter how right or- in this case- wrong they are.

    • Bill H

      "Even if he did work in the studio on a new album for his incredibly mediocre band that is significantly less successful than he likes to believe it is, he could still return to the WWE."

      Ah, yes. Because all those sold out tours of the UK, and a recent album at No. 6 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart is so mediocre and not-very-successful. How many albums have you sold again?

      • jdl

        No. 6 is mediocre on the top new artist albums, as that's neither a major chart, nor is Fozzy new, they've been around for ten some odd years. And yes, sold out tours of a small region in small venues is mediocre. Jericho will never be known for Fozzy.

        • Mr.mondaynight

          Dude u are a moron, if u had said that to me In person I very well might have pimp slapped u.
          Fozzy is an awesome band with some very talented musicans. Sure Jericho is the weak link in the band technical wise ( I mean Rich Ward is his guitarist com’mon), he still is a big part of the creative force. Ofcourse you wouldn’t know any of that cause u probably listened to 1 maybe 2 songs, labeled them as something u didn’t like and moved on. Tho i do agree with the IDEA that he could juggle both fozzy and a part time contract with WWE (t.v. Tapings only for all u fan boys ;] ). But if it iaffected the next Fozzy album it would not only bum me out, but also kill the steam they have recently been building. So maybe he should wait till the album and tour are done.any hoot fozzy doesn’t deserve to be shAt on
          As they have earned the respect and acclaim from quite a few highly respected musicans from Zakk Wylde to iron madian. Although noone does it like Y2J.

        • XKonn247

          When he did York the whole room was Fozzy fans. And when he came to the bar afterwards a LOT of Fozzy fans!

  • Martyr

    There is a very slight chance of a return, considering what I've heard and the style of the promos. But, with Fozzy's planned US/Canadian/European tour throughout next spring/summer and their new record. Fozzy are incredible, to all of those who said "Jericho will never be known for Fozzy" you're damn wrong, and just a mark. The music is awesome, and there's no point beating a dead horse, Jericho's done everything he can storyline-wise in the WWE

  • Chris Jericho/Y2J

    I agree with you Ilyas!

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