Chris Jericho's Silent Return, Where's Brodus Clay?, Dolph Ziggler Outdated, Booking Of Daniel Bryan

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What are your thoughts on the return of Chris Jericho on last night's Raw Supershow?

Chris Jericho's return to WWE under the cryptic videos on last night's Raw Supershow was hardly a surprise. He was heavily rumored to be behind the videos and while there was talk about using The Undertaker as a backup plan, I never received word on any other name. With that being said, it appeared the company wanted to get heat on Jericho with the eccentric/silent return. However, that isn't always the case as The Undertaker returned under cryptic videos last year and didn't say anything when he confronted Triple H for the first time. It's almost like the WWE protocol - promote a return under cryptic videos and have the worker return as a mute. The huge pop Jericho got when he came out was unavoidable so expect to see Jericho 2012 built on TV going forward. As for my thoughts on the segment, I felt it was a letdown but if WWE wants to push Jericho as a heel that may have been what they were going for.

Why did Brodus Clay not debut on Raw SuperShow again this week?

Brodus Clay was bumped off Raw Supershow again last night. At this point I don't even know if it's backstage heat, a running joke or all part of an angle. I will say I've become indifferent about Clay and will remain as such until he actually shows up and gives me a reason to feel otherwise.

Do you think that Dolph Ziggler's character is lame and outdated?

No, Dolph Ziggler is a perfect heel that has a rocket pack strapped to him. He's getting one heck of an opportunity in a program with CM Punk and regardless of the outcome, getting a WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble is a big deal for a worker not yet established as a main eventer.

What do you make of the booking of Daniel Bryan on last night's Raw Supershow?

The good news is he went over Cody Rhodes, the bad news is he certainly didn't "feel" like the World Heavyweight Champion. The first hour of last night's Raw Supershow was particularly weak and I felt the quick finish to a champion vs. champion match was as underwhelming as it gets.

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  • sforester

    I've seen Brodus Clay's pre-WWE work in the independent circuit (with him about 50 pounds heavier than he is now). With the right amount of booking, he could be the second coming of Vader circa WCW, but I have a bad feeling that he's going to wind up being a King Kong Bundy-esque joke. He's got far more technique than corner splash and that awful-looking crossbody. Let him put his full array of devastating moves on display!

  • Jaryd

    The problem is that Clay was presented as something of a joke when he was ADR's bag boy, then when they try to give him a monster build for re-debut they make us all think he's still as much of a joke by not having time to fit him on a card.

    • John McCarthy

      It almost reminds me of when Batista debuted as Brother Devon's change collector though, and we know where batista ended up

      • 5432

        yah..he ended up as an over 40 ,aspiring mma fighter and bad actor.

  • 1 2 3 KID

    Daniel Bryan is going to turn heel soon.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I enjoyed Daniel Bryan's match with Cody last night

    • Logan_Walker

      it was a good match

      • Logan_Walker

        Looks Like some people dont like DB

  • AntGilroy

    I don’t know why everyone hates the jerhico return. He is a heel!! He loves being a heel!! Admit it EVERYONE was shocked about what he did maybe not about the cryptics being about him but everyone knew. I think everyone is mad at how he played everyone. I guarantee it wasn’t WWE that thought of this, jerhico is smart and innovative when it comes to being creative UNLIKE WWE has been in recent years. In Jerhico’s DVD he says he wants everyone to say man what jerk im glad he is gone!! He doesn’t want a send off or people to cheer him anymore for 12 years of his career they cheered him. This is brillant. I guess negative views is exactly what he wanted. But I can say with certainty that 5 years from now this will be viewed as the greatest heel turn. He played everyone he played them good and just walked out and was like ha you morons.

    • BollyMexCPhT

      I was not going to respond to your subpar comment until I saw that yesterday's Jericho return in 5 years would be the "greatest heel turn." Listen here noob, "the greatest heel turn" happened back in WCW, when Hogan joined the nWo. That my friend is "the greatest heel turn" of ALL TIME.

      • AntGilroy

        Hahahahaha you watch WCW? Lol I’m sorry to hear that.. Lol a couple of leg drops to macho man? That was the biggest heel turn? Please… Hogan “after his greatest heel turn” was the same old out of shape moves guy…. And his promos sounded the same as when he was a face… Just he wore black and white and said he hated people. The crowd HATED them for what? Two weeks then everyone loved them again cuz they were bad ass.. Jerhico got everyone excited then mad them all look like fools!! Hogan came out a have macho man a leg drop…… Hahaha greatest heel turn ever right there I’m sorry…

        • H.M.


          • Miguel_Z

            Always wanted Dolph Ziggler to get a push and get to this spot. Even if he reminds me of Badass Billy Gunn or Mr. Ass. With that being said, unless WWE hired new writers in the past few months.. He too will be forgotten and send back to square one..( look at R-Thruth during month of May/June

  • Ubereem

    The difference between the two cryptic returns from this year and last year is that there really wasn't any words needed when Undertaker came out last year closely followed by Triple H. Everyone knew what the agenda was and whilst it would've been nice to hear them speak, there still wasn't any doubt's as to what the WWE were trying to accomplise and it worked.

    Anyone who watched Jericho come back last night would've been thinking, WTF was that?!

  • Ubereem

    In my opinion they should've just had Jericho come back and win the Royal Rumble and had Kane return with the mask as the 1/2/12 guy.

  • josh

    i think the way the videos made it seem like jericho was going to come back and punish people he should have interupted the wwe championship match by attacking cm punk visciously and relentless then grab a mic and say im back and leave with vickie guerrero as the person who was the key to him coming back. and on the dolph ziggler run i think he reminds me of mr perfect and so i would like to see him start trashing mr perfect until joe henning returns and tries to shut him up it works both ways to get joe henning back on tv and to get dolph as the number one heel in the company.

  • AntGilroy

    That would have been predictable!! Coming back against punk!!!! And today everyOne would be saying “how predictable” instead there saying ” he should have talked can’t wait to see if he talks next week or the week after”

  • bigdcubsfan

    I am fine with Y2J not saying anything but a better approach to him being silent would of been for him to have on a CM Punk shirt under his jacket and show it before he went to the back.

  • dr3w789

    I think Jericho’s return was excellent!! He knew the fans would cheer him. Why not be annoying run around make people scream like an assclown that he is to get some heat?? If Jericho is going to re-claim his “Best in the World” he won’t do it by attacking Punk. He’s going to do it by winning the Rumble and going against him that way. Can’t rush into a Punk Jericho feud too quickly as the Road to Wrestlemania starts at the Rumble. If its Punk vs. Jericho, definitely the show stealer.

    • AntGilroy

      Thank you!! some one with some sense!! You must be a long time fan!! The appreciation for great tv isn’t about knowing right then and there after every episode it’s about stretching it out culminating in an epic fued/rivalry. Which Punk / Jerhico will have might be just as good as Brett/Shawn minus the Screwjob.

  • @RatedMKD

    "…and regardless of the outcome, getting a WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble is a big deal for a worker not yet established as a main eventer." – unless it's 2004 and your name's Bob Holly.

  • jonathon212

    as far as ziggler, he already had a championship match last year at royal rumble against edge . he is kind of in the same place now as he was last year as a top midcarder who is trying to break through the glass ceiling. im just not sure when wwe will finally allow him to break through and become champion ( for real this time )

    • anandvkumar

      Ziggler is an amazing ring worker and has the ability to make even people like Santino Marella look good. He definitely deserves a push as one of WWE's top talents

  • Old skewl fan

    Ziggler needs to drop Vickie, and get a young Diva that does whatever he asks ala Macho Man and Liz, that would help break that glass ceiling..

  • Whammaster

    a let down? yeah i thought that to begin with, but after i stewed over it, it was brilliant. I expect you Richard of all people to see that after some time has blown over from that segment =|.

  • sdd619

    @Richard, You say that return came off weak. How? He fooled everyone, he did something different from every other WWE Superstar who returned in the past. They got babyface reactions & stayed babyface. Well Jericho told a story very rare these days, Think about the kids in the video. Who they represent. The boy is obviously Jericho. & the little girl was CM Punk. The Boy dropped the ball (Jericho left), the girl picks it up (Punk takes his opportunity). The boy wants to claim what is his (Pride, Honor, WWE Title). CM Punk speaks his mind (The fans cheer for him), Jericho remains silent (Cause he feels the fans turned there back on him, so he wants nothing to do with the fans). Story told. That to me is a strong & meaningful return. You trash it cause it was different

  • search4theyeti

    Mute protocol? The Deadman can get away without talking and their was a confrontation to boot. Jericho is a mouth either heel or babyface. You cannot explain it as protocol. I think Jericho gave us the unexpected and we're all talking about him and that's the point.