More On Chris Jericho's WWE Return & Part-Time Contract

Chris Jericho returned to WWE on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, giving The Miz the Codebreaker and then getting beat down by The Wyatt Family. Jericho enjoyed working the Internet as he made a strong tease for Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, only to not show up. The following is from Twitter:

Jericho wasn't hidden at Raw on Monday afternoon and was actually spotted walking around backstage by several people. He's under a new part-time contract, believed to be similar to the deal Rob Van Dam worked under in his first stint back last year, a 90-day contractual agreement.

Bringing Jericho back involved certainties from both sides. One, WWE wanted to bring Jericho back to help offset recent losses at the top of the card. They've been hot on him since CM Punk walked out in January, however, Jericho wouldn't return without a firm creative plan. The beginning of that plan appears to be a program with Bray Wyatt, hence the beat down that immediately proceeded his return. Jericho, like many WWE veterans, is high up on Bray and even worked him down in NXT last year. It was a bout that Jericho himself requested.

Jericho Tweeted the following after his return to WWE:

  • Draven

    Im excited jericho vs wyatt should be outstanding.

  • Kawhi Leonard

    Great, another part timer coming in taking away a spot from a younger more deserving talent

    • jdl

      I don’t think there are really any younger talent more deserving of being on hand to put future main eventers over…

    • Gary Robert

      That’s inaccurate. Jericho has always been one of those rare guys that has no problem putting over younger guys. That’s what this initial feud with The Wyatts is all about. Jericho’s name still means something and Bray winning a feud there only helps The Wyatts

    • Bork

      You’re really making that complaint with Jericho, a guy who practically comes back just to put over younger talent? Especially after Wyatt ended up losing in his feud against Cena? Seems like a silly complaint to make to me. It’s not like you’re gonna see him in the main event or anything, like Lesnar.

  • Patrick

    never been a jericho fan and don’t care about his return………….but I’m a Wyatt fan so seeing him go over Jericho will be great. the only reason I’m interested is because of Bray.

  • JC8574

    I think this site is getting soft. I saw two other reputable websites that had information that both AJ Lee and Chris Jericho were spotted backstage and it was confirmed by a WWE source. Nothing from this site and yet, I pay. I want news, not Twitter statuses and responses to bashing of your website.

  • JazzyJ

    I saw Jericho and AJ Lee’s return posted on another website that was confirmed by a WWE source a few hours before they appeared. Richard, get your stuff together. Enough posting about other sports and Carmelo Anthony on a wrestling site!