Chris Masters Documents Bizarre Story Involving His Mother

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Former WWE star Chris Masters detailed a bizarre story on his Twitter account late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. According to Masters, someone barricaded his mother in her apartment and set the place on fire. He broke a window out and with the help of police, pulled her out of the house.

The following Tweets are from Masters' Twitter:

  • BlazeKing

    He pulled down a tree to get his mom out?! That man turned into The Hulk! That’s a great thing he did though.

  • Just saw a segment about this on Fox News channel. They tried so hard to tie wrestling into the segment that it came off goofy. They kept referring to him as “The Master”. I hate when the news does anything about anyone involved with wrestling because it always seems to be produced by someone who has never watched wrestling in their life and are clueless. Just like when they reference guys who have not wrestled in 20 years and talk like they are top stars of today. Like when the Swagger segments got mainstream attention.

    He was very proactive and saved his Mom, so good on his part.