Chris Masters Is Trying To Join Impact Wrestling

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Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters is utilizing Twitter in an effort to jumpstart a campaign to join TNA. Today he sent the following tweets out from his Twitter account:

"I think @tnadixie needs some encouragement. Can I rally the IWC. For all those who support me, let her know!"

"For anyone who's ever felt like an underdog, who's ever tried to make nothing into something, and worked their ass off. This is my battlecry!"

Thanks to Wrestling News World writer Rick Craig for sending in this story.

  • Alex

    Wow, Chris must be really desperate for work if he trying to go to TNA. Still, can't fault a guy for trying to find work. Hope you get it, Chris.

  • Dan

    I so badly want to like T.N.A. ( Impact Wrestling). They have some great wrestling talent, however as a company I feel they lack direction! For one reason or another they never finish a storyline, i.e. The frontline vs The Main Event Mafia, or Samoa Joe Nation of Violence. Bring back the six sided ring, get rid of Hogan and Bischoff. Only then will things get better.

    • Teto

      They just need to learn to finish storyllines, advertise better, give hernandez his damn title shot he won from feast or fired, and get rid of jeff jarret and Karen At least off tv

  • Louis

    If it hurt getting John Morrison forget it!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    I dislike things from both companies,i get tired of cena,tired of bischoff.james storm,aj,the whole fortune crew are great,vince needs to dump the pg crap,twitter refrences,bring back attitude but with some class and get back to some fun times