Chris Masters/Impact Wrestling Update

In an update to former WWE Superstar Chris Masters attempting to join Impact Wrestling, he posted the following today on his Twitter account:

"Ill be taking part in a TNA project in India later this month"

  • BigMike18

    Hey Chris that’d be awesome to see The Masterpiece in TNA

  • The Breaker

    Who wants to see any more WWE rejects going to TNA…?

    • Bob

      A lot of people who liked the talent.

    • infamous743

      As long S they know how to wrestle keep them coming

    • Jannez

      I do!
      Most of them are very talented!
      TNA just has to loose some dead (old) weight…

  • BigMike18

    So you’re saying guys like The Hardys, The Dudleys, Mr. Kennedy, RVD, Scott Steiner & possibly John Morrison are the rejects from WWE joining TNA

  • Ilyas Omar

    The Masterpeice Chris Masters shouldn't be on TNA he's much more than that he should belong to WWE Raw.Vote up if you agree.

  • John

    TNA needs a new tv channel to air on. No one really watches Spike TV besides for TNA.