Chris Sabin Correction; Update On His Contract Status

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Chris Sabin actually underwent surgery Friday to repair his torn ACL and had not had the operation done as previously reported.

I apologize for the error as the injury angle on this week's Impact Wrestling was done to write him off television. Sabin's contract with TNA is set to come up while he is out rehabbing the injury.

  • Flame.L-DW.Leader


  • Liam

    To me, that segment seemed really unprofessional. I think with the injury it was ridiculous to see Bobby Roode “attack” the leg. To me it feels the same as concussions in this business

    • I hate to be mr. Obvious here, but….wrestling is scripted, calm down.

      • Liam

        I am aware of that. But this looked unprofessional

  • Immy

    The motor city machine guns to Rejuvinate the tag team division in WWE?

  • Kevin

    I'm not sure WWE will want Chris Sabin. Sure, Alex Shelley is a good thing for the WWE, but Chris just got back from almost a year off with an injury, and now he's injured again. WWE may not want to invest in an injury prone athlete; they'e already got one in Sin Cara.