Chris Sabin Injured At Impact

Chris Sabin was injured in the Ultimate X Match on Thursday night’s live Impact Wrestling. From what I understand the injury is being called a “left knee injury” and the severity is currently unknown.

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  • smithmiester

    What a shame, he’s only just come back

  • Steve l

    Heres to a speedy recovery.

  • _JIM_

    Man, Sabin has glass knees! I hope WWE wasn’t watching…

    • Chris

      I dont think anybody was watching!

      • kbunyon

        I was watching!

        It was obvious that Sabin was injured and it put a damper on such a great match. And I know I wasn't the only one watching.


  • _JIM_

    Also, how many people is it now that have been injured during a match with Zima-Ion?

  • Kevin

    Give it up for Austin Aries and Zima Ion for covering up the injury and continuing the match. They did a smooth transition from a 3 way to a singles. I didn't notice right away that Chris Sabin hadn't returned to the ring in a few minutes. I was too busy watching the high flying acrobatics. I hope Sabin gets better soon.

  • Cameron

    Poor Sabin I think his knees are done shelleys gone now to there's not much point of staying in tna