Chris Sabin Promotes Impact In Little Rock, Does He Have Anything Left To Prove?

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TNA Champion Chris Sabin has been doing media ahead of next week's Hardcore Justice episode of Impact Wrestling and the upcoming TV tapings in Little Rock, Arkansas. Below are the highlights:

Chris Sabin Promotes TNA in Little Rock:


When speaking to The Flagship, Sabin is asked if he has anything to left to prove in TNA. Below is his response:

“I think there is a lot more to prove. Winning the championship is one thing, but holding on to the championship is another,” the champ said. “You’re just a walking target for everyone. You have what everyone else is working their butts off to get. I think that I have to be a fighting champion, to not just win the belt, but to hold on to the belt and defend it over, and over, and over.”

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  • JDL

    Of course he has more to prove. He has to prove he deserves the belt and since he didn’t actually earn it, there is a greater burden on that proof than it would be on other champions. There’s also making it to the WWE, making it in the minor leagues is not the same as making it in the big leagues.

  • PFE

    Little Rock is in Arkansas.

  • 1vinny1

    its more less guaranteed that sabin will drop the title back to bully with the stipulation that if l bully loses, he will never get another chance at the World Title.