Chris Sabin Reacts To Winning TNA Championship - "I Didn't Give Up"

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TNA Wrestling posted an "Inside Impact" clip with new TNA Champion Chris Sabin. You can watch now at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • jdl

    You didn’t earn it either. This is TNA’s biggest problem of late; failure to adequately build their workers. Sabin jumped from the lower depths of the mid card to world champion in a matter of weeks, it’s hard to see him as a believable champion as all he’s done is tag wrestle and hold a mid card title. He’s a great worker and I’m glad he’s getting a shot, but TNA failed to build him up properly.

    • PFElton

      Hard to argue with this, no matter how bad I want to.

  • JJ

    Well…he’s a great worker, but main event picture worker eh…not so much. I hate to think how it’ll end for Sabin, but he can’t realistically have a long rein he’s just not legit enough. I wish they could have just kept him running the X division a while; not every X division wrestler will be AJ which is what I think tna has tried to book on too much.

  • Dave Barton

    This reminds me of how Luger was the first to end “Hollywood” Hogan’s WCW Title reign during the NWO angle. It lasted all of 6 days. Instead, everyone remembers Sting beating Hogan for the belt…and losing it way too early after about 2 months, just for it to go right back to Hogan again.

    Yeah, I just can’t see Sabin’s title reign leading to anything good for TNA…just like when Aries won it, or any of the other forgettable title reigns like Abyss, Rhino, Storm, Foley, Anderson, etc. Really, none of those title reigns took TNA to a different level.

    • jdl

      And Bully did? Who holds the title will never take TNA to a different level, it does not matter who holds it if you’re looking at it in that regard. TNA is poorly marketed and have a mediocre TV deal on a network that does not help with their market expansion given how terrible it is. The day TNA steps up and starts putting their name out there, really putting it out there, is the day they’ll get up to a different level. No wrestler will ever do it for them.

      • Dave Barton

        It felt to me like a bigger deal with the whole Bully/As&8s storyline, especially with the change of taking the show on the road. It felt like a new era was coming together for TNA. And let’s face it, Bully has been one of the best heels for the last 15 years or so when it comes to making fans suspend disbelief & legitimately want to go after him…not alot of guys can draw that kind of reaction from fans anymore. Just doesn’t feel to me like Sabin should’ve been the guy to take him down, or like Bully should’ve even been taken down yet.

  • Charles

    Bully dominates the entire match then Sabin hits him with a hammer. That match did nothing for Sabin. TNA needs to knock it off with those 1980’s style ref-bumps. A grown man barely touched and he’s out cold for five minutes. That’s just stupid.