Chris Sabin To Get TNA Championship Shot

The following is from this week’s official Impact Wrestling preview (read here):

- Chris Sabin capped off his amazing comeback at Slammiversary, winning The Ultimate X Match to once again become the X Division Champion! After the win, Hulk Hogan told Sabin that like last year, the X Division Champion will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming Destination X event! Austin Aries made history last year – will Sabin follow the same path? Tune into IMPACT to see the new X Division Champion!

No word one when Destination X will take place or where it will air.

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  • Chris

    So, is this their MitB now?

    • MarkC201

      No, MITB is a cheap gimmick. TNA’s “Plan C” is more like the US title in WCW in the 80s and early 90s, when whoever was US champ could challenge for the World title .

  • Andrew Ace

    Aries had to give up the belt I’m order to get his shot. Why didn’t Sabin?