Christian Appears At TNA Slammiversary

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Christian appeared at tonight's Slammiversary pay-per-view in an in-ring segment where he was introduced by Hulk Hogan. He joked about the ring having less sides than the last time he was in a TNA ring but put over the fans for keeping the company in existence.

This is the first time a WWE worker under a performer's contract has appeared on a TNA pay-per-view. Christian's appearance was part of a deal WWE had with TNA for TNA allowing Ric Flair to appear over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend earlier this year.

  • Frendo

    Oh and Samoa Joe

  • Frendo

    Christian should take double A, Roode,Samoa joe , Aj , Angle, and Storm back with him

    • Herman Tank

      Everyone mentioned except Angle.

  • jdl

    So, that's it? That was their big deal for Flair? A DVD interview and a "Ohohoh, I makes teh jowks." from Christian? TNA got ripped off.

    • Ryder

      How did they get ripped off it made sense to bring in Christian simply because he's the only one in WWE who made an impact in TNA, they could have brought in R-Truth but he's not as over as Christian is.

  • Austin

    This is pretty interesting.

  • Anand

    Wow. I never thought something like this would ever happen. A WWE Wrestler under contract (A champion of course) in the TNA Ring.

    Think of all the publicity TNA would've got through Christian's appearance.. Well played TNA

    • Austin

      Yes,WOULD’VE gotten. It seems pretty stupid for TNA to not hype up his appearance just a little bit more. Regardless it’s still an awesome moment. I just hope Christian doesnt get buried for this lol.

      • Zach

        They did hype it, via Dixie Carter’s twitter page she teased it. Granted, they could have hyped it on their show, but it’s unfair to say they did not hype it at all.

      • Chris

        How will he get buried for playing the part in a deal WWE agreed to?

      • Ryder

        Buried for what? He just happened to be in the middle of things which was the deal TNA and WWE made

    • jake

      Publicity from who though? Wrestling sites that were already covering the PPV? I'm not saying its a worthless gesture, but I don't see how it gives TNA any publicity they wouldn't haven't already gotten.

    • who?

      too bad no one give a F… about TNA or Impact whatever anymore..

      • The one

        Kinda obvious u do if you bashing it

  • tombstone6

    For all the people saying “that was lame” “that was pointless tna got ripped off” shame on you. What kind of logical person would think he would do anything else more than what he did. If he would of took a bump or fought someone in a match that would be risking his health for another company. Tna got just what they wanted. It was a surreal moment imo

    • Guy Landau

      Not to mention that there is no way to book him in a match – you put him over, you just put your talent under for an outsider. You put him under… Well, let's just say if you don't want to be bought out by WWE tomorrow you're not going to put their IC champion under.

  • Sean

    Tna the future wwe is for kids period

    • Ryder

      In the end they both sold out and they suck right now

  • Phill

    I can't speak for fans Worldwide, but its very clear the UK fans give a fuck about TNA… you only have to look at their live shows here. I don't understand all the criticism TNA gets. Sure, its not perfect, but neither is the WWE.
    I'm happy to watch any wrestling show with AA, Styles, Roode, Storm, Hardy, Anderson and the legend STING.

    • James

      I think the problem is that it’s not well promoted in the US.

  • Drew Wale

    The Cage appearance was poorly executed. It was just weird. I kinda had the feeling he was supposed to inducted into the HOF and something behind the scenes went wrong? So they threw together a sting tribute instead.

    Announcing it a day before on twitter was crappy PR. they should have built it up. He’s coming home for 1 night only. Even if he had guest managed and stipulated a few matches.

    That being said Slammiversary was great overall.