Christian Cleared, Titus O'Neil Auctioned Off, Ryder To NXT, Evan Bourne Update

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- Believe it or not, Christian is said to be medically cleared to compete. However, no date has been set for his return.

- Titus O'Neil was auctioned off Friday night for a date as part of the Tampa Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women's 1st Annual "Death by Chocolate" event.

- In addition to signing autographs, Zack Ryder worked Friday night's WWE NXT show in Fort Pierce, Florida. He joined NXT Tag Team Champions Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey to beat The Wyatt Family.

- Evan Bourne closed his week with the following Tweet:

  • rishano

    i just jizzed in my pants 0__0 christian is medically cleared to compete again

    • Kris Mystery


      • Rishano

        ahaha that was a joke i didnt jizz in my pants.
        but im very exited to hear that christian will be returning soon to wwe tv smackdown is boring as hell

    • jackkedx10

      you should of kept that to yourself.

    • michael

      How did this comment make it on this board?

    • Kenneth

      I heard Christian was cleared to return and I…
      Some people complained and I…

      • Nostaljack

        Just as unfunny the second time too.

  • The Breaker

    That would be cool if Christian is part of WrestleMania this year. Question is, what do you do with him?

    • MrSnaps

      Turn him into a Jobber and admit he’s a never-was.

      I seriously can’t grasp all of the love for Christian. He can have a decent match, but he’s pretty lacking in Charisma (though admittedly, not terrible) and has one of the worst looks in the history of the business. He has virtually no credibility outside of tag-team wrestling, because his entire singles career has been lackluster at best.

      There are about a dozen guys on the roster with the same in-ring skill, more charisma, a better look, and a more credible singles career who have been with the company for a fraction of the time Christian has. To be honest I’d put Christian around the same level as Heath Slater. Christian has more credibility as a singles star, but even a guy like Slater has a better look.

      • The Breaker

        He’s never been a main event guy, and will finish his career on the mid-card. I’m not disputing that. But if anything, Christian has great name recognition among wrestling fans. Because of that fact, he is a prime candidate WWE can use to effectively put over young talent. Not only that, he has always been a dependable worker that you can put up against pretty much anyone and expect to see a good match. I’m sorry, but I can’t say the same for Heath Slater at this point in his career.

        • MrSnaps

          That’s a good point, he could be used because of his veteran status to put over younger talent. Sorry, I’ve always harbored resentment to all the Christian love on the internet, but I suppose everyone has their uses.

          • You and the breaker are smoking something. He has decent matches? You guys can’t be watching the same guy as me then. What about the 6 WHC matches he had with Orton in 2011? This guy could wrestle circles around most of the roster. He may not click well as a face but has played a tremendous heel in the past. And Heath Slater? REALLY?!?!? That guy is a jobber that will not likely amount to anything. He only has a job because of the Nexus angle. Gain some much needed intelligence and common sense before posting about professional wrestling because you clearly know nothing about it.

      • Jimmy

        I disagree with you completely, Christian is extremely Charismatic on the mic and is a veteran in the ring. His technical game is also above par. I do think he has the look, he suited being World Heavyweight champ alot to me and to compare Christian with Heath Slater is a complete joke. He had some epic matches with Randy Orton is has the potential to be face or heel and get over.

  • Stoney

    Christian Vs Antonio Cesaro for the United States or Christian Vs Wade Barrett for the IC Championship at Wrestlemania

  • WNW Fan


    The picture on this story…when and where did Ryder win the United States championship? I don’t remember this