Christian Health Update, Batista Taking Time Off

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Health Update on Christian

Christian, who hasn't worked since suffering another concussion on the March 24, 2014 episode of Monday Night Raw, is booked for next month's WWE European tour. The current sheets call for him to pick up on his program with Sheamus.

Batista Taking Time Off

Batista is not being advertised for WWE shows after next month's Extreme Rules pay-per-view, as it appears he'll be taking time off. You can check out official promotional listings at this link.

Batista is back under a multiyear contract that calls for him to work TVs and live events, however, he is featured in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel film that will be released on August 1, 2014.

  • Jason

    If Batista is taking time off following Extreme Rules, what’s the point of reuniting Evolution right now?

    • Razmos

      To go up against The Shield (giving them a big rub in the process) The Shield will go over Evolution at Extreme Rules, i see Batista being “injured” at the hands of The Shield writing him off tv, this will then lead to the split of The Shield with HHH getting in the ears of Ambrose and Rollins to turn on Reigns.

      • BIG M

        I hope not.
        I know everyones big on Reigns now and while I do think he has improved greatly in the last 6 months I still feel that he is NOT the stand out of the Shield as hard as WWE is trying to push him so.
        I hate the way in the last 4 months WWE has booked the group.
        Making it look like the only way they can win a match is if Reigns hits a spear or a punch (real original finishers BTW) and in the process making Ring Generals like Ambrose and Rollins look worthless.
        And when was the last time Ambrose defended the US Title (the Henry match doesn’t count)
        He’s had some real good matches defending it in the past not only are they making the belt look worthless their not giving Ambrose any recognition he’s to good of a talent in the ring and especially on the mic not to do so.
        Sorry don’t usually rant like this but the Shields booking as of late has left me scratching me head till it bleeds.

  • Patrick

    good glad to hear he is taking time off.

  • a7beeny

    after 86400+ mins since he returned .. he should take time off 🙂