Why Christian Was Pulled From WWE Main Event

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For those that missed this week's live episode of WWE Main Event, the company claims that Christian suffered a concussion on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. As a result, Dolph Ziggler replaced Christian to challenge Big E for the Intercontinental Championship after winning a Triple Threat Number 1 Contender Match earlier in the night. Big E ended up going over to retain the title.

While we cannot confirm WWE's claim about Christian's health, it's certainly feasible the injury is legitimate. Alberto Del Rio connected with a kick directly to his head during the Fatal 4-Way Match on this week's Raw. What's even more concerning is Christian missed the latter of 2013 after suffering a concussion in a match against Randy Orton on Raw in August.

Stay tuned to WrestlingNewsWorld.com as we will post updates on this situation as they become available.

  • Kev

    I’m sure I’ve commented on this before but I feel the need to again. In this day and age where we have the knowledge of how concussions can severely affect the health of superstars and be detrimental to their long-term mental health, WWE has put in place measures to minimize the risk of workers suffering concussions. No unprotected chair shots to the head, pulling a worker from shows if they suffer symptoms and not letting them compete until they pass an IMPACT test and so on and so forth.
    This is why I am absolutely baffled that they continue to allow Del Rio to kick his opponents in the head week in and week out. Not only is it a dangerous move even in the hands (or feet) of the most skilled performers, but Del Rio is far too reckless to be allowed to perform this move. Every time I see him do this, I wince.
    Didn’t Orton’s punt get banned due fears he would cause concussions as a result of it?

  • Jason

    god damn.. Christian written off again with an injury… he’s more injure prone than Mr Kennedy. Its Pathetic

    • BIG M

      Well the man did just turn 40.
      How many 40 year olds do you know could do what Christian does for a living.

    • Mysterion

      Why is it pathetic that, after nearly 20 years of doing what he does, he’s hurt? You know why Taker only works once a year? Is he pathetic, too? If you think getting hurt doing this is pathetic you’re watching the wrong sport.

      • Matt

        I think he meant it was pathetic more to mean that it’s unfortunate that someone who went his whole career virtually injury free has had a slew of injuries back to back. Christian is a great worker and I hate seeing him go down for injuries. The more they happen, the more you gotta think if he’s gonna hang up the boots.

  • BIG M

    Hate to say it but maybe Christian should consider hanging up the boots.
    He did just turn 40 and he keeps getting injured more and more often.