Christian Returns To Pay-Per-View; Wins WWE Intercontinental Championship

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Christian returned to pay-per-view tonight at WWE Over the Limit, winning a Number One Contender Battle Royal to open the show which he used to face Cody Rhodes for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. He went over, winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the fourth time in his career.

Christian, who suffered a high ankle sprain in November 2011, returned briefly in March but was sidelined again after aggravating the same injury. He returned to the ring during WWE's post-Wrestlemania tour in the United Kingdom last month but had not been seen on television.

  • chelu671

    The Peeps all around the world are proud of Captain Charisma

  • jdl

    They turned him face? Dammit, he's best as a heel. :S

  • Ryder

    Christian wins it for the peeps

  • Noah

    he face now?

  • snuggle

    I’m glad Christian is back, however I wish he would have returned and won the wwe title. If or whenever he does that Christian well become the only wrestler to have held the tna, nwa, ecw, world, and wwe heavyweight titles. That will make him a legend and a guaranteed future hall of famer.

    • XKonn247

      Yea, without that he’s never gonna maker the Hall Of Fame -_-

      • tom

        He'll make the hall of fame because it will sell tickets to see him and Edge together when Edge inducts him

  • I'm happy for Christian to return as a face and hold the Intercontinental Championship for a good while. Let Cody chase the World Championship with Sheamus and have a returning Wade Barret chase Christian for his belt.

  • Dave

    He obviously deserves a main event spot but for now at least they recongnise he exists.