Christian & Saturn At WWE PC, Drew McIntyre Being Repackaged, Kane & The Wyatt Family

- Christian and Perry Saturn were at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida this week where they were working with developmental talent.

- Drew McIntyre appears to be breaking away from 3MB for what many McIntyre fans are hoping is a repackaged gimmick. Based on teases McIntyre himself has put out on Twitter, it appears he could be returning to "The Chosen One" gimmick that he had from 2009-2011.

- Kane is expected to be involved with The Wyatt Family when he is re-introduced to television later this month. Bray Wyatt is teasing Kane was "chosen," leading some to speculate an affiliation with the stable. Kane, who has been out filming "See No Evil 2," is advertised for the October 14, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Mike Brailsford

    16 years ago today, Kane’s WWF ppv debut.

    • smark calloway

      16 years ago to the day that the late, great brian pillman died too…rest in peace loose cannon

  • BIG M

    Finally it only took 3 long long years but the chosen one is back “gulp” I hope.

  • ohyoudidntknow

    So drew McIntyre is the next paul heyman guy since rybotch is lame

  • AJ

    Christian has been found and drew McIntyre is getting repackaged. Marks, you have permission to fangirl.

  • Xavier

    Never understood all the love & support for McIntyre, he’s chosen one gimmick was a major flop. He’s below average in the ring, really bad on the mic and didn’t get any kind of reaction at all from 2009-2011. And he has a very disturbing look, he looks like Alicia Silverstone on steroids with facial hair. He’s no better then guys like Jack Swagger & Curtis Axel IMO.

    • BIG M

      Xavier I respect your opinion more than anyone else who posts on this site but I completely disagree with you Drew Is a REAL pro wrestler a throwback to blokes like Harley Race and William Regal you know great technical wrestlers with a mean streak.
      Maybe I’m biased (my mother is Scottish) and I’m very much in touch with my Celtic routes but I firmly believe based on his first run he had in 2009 and 2010 that he would be main eventing PPV’s if he hadn’t married the wrong woman.
      And said woman caused a scene in an hotel lobby with him and got him pushed down to jobber status for 3 years as punishment after she divorced him and quit WWE and bad mouthed everyone there.
      She even openly admitted she felt like she had to sleep with someone on the “RISE” to get ahead as a pot shot to Michele MCcool who was engaged to Taker at the time Im sure the deadman didn’t take to kindly to that.
      Drew has been the victim of backstage politics pure and simple but he’s done his time and now WWE is finally ready to start putting him to better use than 3MB.
      Swagger and Axel are going nowhere yes but Drew Mcintyre has too much raw talent to be wasted.

      • Xavier

        I’m going to have to respectively disagree. I never saw anything in him that would suggest he’s main event material. Even when he was getting pushed back in 09 he was hardly drawing any sort of reaction at all. I think it’s a reach to compare him to guys like Race or Regal. Race was one of the all-time great heels in wrestling and Regal had a mean streak that I think McIntyre just doesn’t have.

        And about the being a victim of politics, McIntyre was also the beneficiary of backstage politics. Let’s not forget that the reason he even got a push to begin with was because Triple H was so high on him. And your right, maybe backstage politics, marrying the wrong girl got him de-pushed but that was three years ago. I find it very hard to believe that WWE management would go out of their way to hold someone down for that long, I think that’s somewhat of a cop out. If your that good then no matter how deep in the dog house you are Vince will have no choice but to push you. Look at Cena for example, Richard posted a story here a year or so ago about how Vince & Triple H didn’t think Cena would amount to anything and wanted him gone, he even got stuck with a Vanilla Ice gimmick but he made the bad rapper gimmick work and forced Vince & Triple H to take notice and the rest was history. Same could be said for Triple H, the guy got on Vince’s bad side back in mid 96 for the whole Curtain Call incident which resulted in Vince de-pushing him and having him job for the next several months but Triple H proved to good to remain in the dog house and well look at Triple H now.

        Like I said, I wasn’t fan of his 1st push and regardless of rather he was put in the dog house or not I still think he would of ended up being a lower-midcard jobber regardless, I just don’t think the guy was very good in the ring or on the mic nor did I think he had any real charisma but if the guy gets pushed and proves me wrong this time around then I’ll have no problem coming on WNW and admitting that I was wrong and that you we’re right.

        • BIG M

          Im gonna hold you to that mate.
          But respectfully I’ve also got to clear up some of your points.
          No.1 after curtain call HHH was in the doghouse for over a year fortunately he had the then untouchable no 1 guy in WWE HBK whispering into VKM’s ear on his behalf Vince finally gave in and DX was born.
          Who knows if it wasn’t for HBK we might not have ever seen THE GAME and just been left with Hunter Herst Helmsly.
          No.2 I know your a Cena fan (Why ill never know) but Cena was going nowhere until Undertaker asked to work with him in Vengeance 03 Taker carried his arse even after he botched a spot and broke Takers ribs and went out of his way to make him look good and only after that match VKM started to take Johnny Boy seriously after that he got Eddie G and he could make anyone look great may he RIP.
          My point is one Richard Grey has made a hundred times In a perfect world people in WWE would be pushed solely on talent but the sad fact of the matter is Backstage Politics and and the way your perceived by the old guard and Management play a huge part in the way talent is treated if you don’t believe me just look at the career of the most underrated performer in the history of the business Scott “RAVEN” Levy.

          • Xavier

            Triple H was going to be great regardless. Did he politic his way too the top, of course he did but he would not of stayed at the top if he wasn’t great or if he didn’t have the work ethic or talent to stay there. Cena never broke Taker’s ribs, I don’t know where you heard that bogus story from. Cena’s at the top because he’s great at what he does, and he works his ass off and has put in countless hours to stay at the top. To suggest that Triple H & Cena aren’t great is beyond ridiculous at this point. FYI, Cena had a title match with Lesnar at Backlash in 03 which was a few months before his match with Taker so to say that Cena wasn’t going anywhere is a argument that really holds no merit. And, Triple H & Shawn Michaels were in fact high up on McIntyre.

          • BIG M

            Calm down calm down I’m not calling into question Cena’s spot or HHH’s spot your right they’ve earned it.
            I don’t like Cena because of the same reason you don’t like Mcintyre I’m not impressed with his ring work thats all.
            Hardcore Holly had a title match with Lesner in 04 RR it was a filler match just like Cena vs Lesner in 03 was.
            Lets follow our own advice and try to be adult about this ok we have differing opinions on “wrestlers” for goodness sake theres no reason to start tearing in to one another over it.
            I made that mistake with Franco don’t intend to do it again.
            Especially with someone I actually get along ok with here one of few.
            Lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that for now.

          • Xavier

            You good bro, I wasn’t mad at you or anything like that. Who’s Franco BTW?

          • BIG M

            Some A hole who took a shot at me when I replied to a really homophobic post of his after D Young came out.
            I acted like an idiot and let him bait me made a display of myself going back in fourth with the hate filled ignoramus.
            After I finally realised what a moron I had been I said I wouldn’t reply to him ever again since then just about every time I post he try’s to bait me with stupid jokes and offensive ignorant crap don’t have a lot of tolerance for people like him.
            Notaoljack gets on my nerves too but thats another story LOL.

          • Xavier

            I’ve experienced that myself on here. On a few occasions I’ve had people come on here and post random crap under my name. I finally wised up and uploaded a pic so people could tell the real me from the Imposter. There’s another guy on here (who I’m sure you know) who goes around insulting everyone who’s always trying to pull me in to his nonsense as well. After awhile you get use to it lol.

          • BIG M

            Cant WNW just make the comments accessible only to us grownups would make things soooooooo much simpler LOL.

          • Matt

            Quit your crying mate!! Grow the hell up!..

          • BIG M

            Read this very carefully Matt I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK.
            Stop posting insults at everyone and anyone and GET A BLOODY LIFE You sad pathetic little man-child.

          • Jesse Sherwood

            Big M, we are working on moderation protocols that will make things go smoother, however, it is a bit of a process.

          • BIG M

            Take your time mate the fact your trying to crack down on those who post on this site solely to insult or offend people means a lot to us true fans who just want to discuss pro wrestling news intelligently and politly thank you.

          • Big Boss Man

            Jesse you’re a tool!.. LmFaO!! Get a life!.. & “big nerd m” you’re a cry baby .. Just Saying!..

          • Xavier


            From reading that, it seems that your boy Drew had lots of backstage support from the “old guard” and management.

  • Name

    Wyatt Family = Zero Interest whatsoever

    • Bray

      Your opinion= zero interest whatsoever