Christian Says He Was The First Person Edge Called About Career-Ending Injury; How Long He Plans To Work

Shares 0 has a new article featuring quotes from WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian. Below is an excerpt:

Edge's career ending injury:

“Yeah, I was the first person he called after he got the news (about the injury). It was one of those things where I had to listen and be there for him,” Christian recalls. “I could tell he was upset about it once it sunk in. I told him that if was writing the end to his story, this was the perfect way to finish it off, just winning the WrestleMania (XXVII) world championship, the biggest show of the year. You can’t write a better ending than that.”

How long he plans to work:

“Having a long career with real lasting power has always been a goal,” he says. “So as long as I’m physically able to do what I do, I’ll keep doing it.”

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    That really was an amazing end to an even amazing career. Though Edge was a heel most his career he was one of those heels you start to like because though they win the title by hook or crook, beating them 1-2-3 was just so so difficult. We miss you edge..

    Hope christian gets his main event push soon. WWE needs christian fighting at the top not with the IC belt.